Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A week with Mimi and Nana

My mom flew in to help us with the girls and just getting adjusted overall. I was so thankful to have her here! IMG_1076

P4290140 P4290132

The following week, Ethan’s mom Nana was here. So thankful to have her here with us. It ended up being a CRAZY week at work for Ethan and a bit of a rough one for us here on the home front. Hannah Gray is adjusting well, but it’s still an adjustment and she’s still catching up on sleep from all the festivities from the last 3 weeks. All that to say, I was SO glad I wasn’t at home by myself this last week!


So funny story while Nana was here. Nana just changed Hannah Gray’s diaper (on the floor in the family room b/c now that Tenley is changed downstairs, HG wants to be also). Hannah Gray is learning to dress herself and wanted to put her shorts back on by herself. Well, she ended up getting both legs in one leg hole, mermaid style and tried to walk around. Well, obviously she ended up falling and she thought it was hilarious. So she continued to walk 2-3 steps, then fall, get up and repeat. She didn’t want any help so we let her do her thing. I went into the family room to feed Tenley and I hear from the other room, “Oh, Hannah Gray, let Nana help you!”. Hannah Gray had stripped off her diaper, which to everyone’s surprise was definitely full. I jumped up and whisked Hannah Gray upstairs trying to hold her away from everything. I put her down next to the changing table to move things that I didn’t want poop on and Hannah Gray bolted into her room. I ran after her and just as she extended her arms up and away to begin her superman jump onto her nice clean bed loaded with nice, clean stuffed animals, I caught her. Nana was cracking up downstairs as all she heard was me yelling, “NO, NOT ON YOUR BEEEEEDDDD!”. End of story. But it was a pretty funny to us.  :)


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