Monday, November 30, 2009

Finger Painting!

WhenNana said she bought finger paints for the cousins to do together, I knew Hannah Gray was going to love it. She has just become interested in "coloring" (scribbling) with my pens. She thought it was the BEST! Once she realized it was okay to put on her hands, she went at it! After tasting it first, obviously. :) Notice the paint all over her face. Once she got both hands loaded up with paint, she stood up super straight, really excited and slapped both her hands on her belly. She was so proud of herself!


We drove to Findlay to celebrate Thanksgiving with Petro side of the family. It was so great to see them as it had been a year since we had seen some of them (6 months for another). The cousins had a great time playing together. We have a ton of pics from the weekend, so I'll put them in a few posts.

Playing with Aunt Katie

Checking out the turkey (which she did just about 1000x)

The family at Thanksgiving dinner...

Hannah Gray walked up to Uncle Gary and just wanted to be held and snuggled! For those of
you that know her, if she's tired (or not for that matter) she likes to be
held for short periods of
time and off she goes! But she put her head on
Gary's shoulder and was just so content and
comfy!! It was so sweet.

Hannah Gray matching Nana

The cousins on a wagon ride around the neighborhood

hiking upstate

We enjoyed our first hike so much that the following weekend we ventured up north again. We found some beautiful places to take pictures and we look forward to heading up there again, especially once it snows. We even saw a porcupine that couldn't care less that we were so close. I think he was chewing on some nuts so he didn't really care about us! But it was a fun day to get out.

Giddy Up!

One of Ethan's business partners gave Hannah Gray a horse that their kids had outgrown. Hannah Gray love its! oops, sorry it's sideways! (anyone know how to rotate a video?)

Monday, November 2, 2009

fun in the tub!

So Hannah Gray figured out that she can shoot water out of her bath toys and has a BLAST doing it! She completely soaked me this particular night (and tonight as a matter of fact). But her giggles and belly laugh are just priceless.

Playing with Tanner

So one day Hannah Gray walked up to me carrying one of Tanner's toys with it held over her should like she was trying to throw it. But she then handed it to me asking me to throw it for Tanner. So I did and called Tanner to bring it back to us. I heard her giggling hysterically and I looked over and she was slightly bent forward slapping her thighs with the biggest wide open grin as she was calling Tanner back. It was hilarious. Now it's her new favorite game and we play a lot everyday. But now she grabs a toy, brings it to me, I throw it and then while he's chasing it and then chewing on it, she goes and gathers all his other toys and brings them to me. She would play this game all day and I don't think Tanner would mind one bit. Here is a video of her in action... This I think has to be one of my favorite Hannah Gray-isms yet...