Friday, July 20, 2012

scaring away the bad guys..

Tenley put on the 3d glasses to scare away the bad guys... notice the shoes too. :)

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

part 2

T enjoying her picnic...

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when did she get so big?

Picnic today after story time. But I have a funny story from the other day... after meeting friends to go camping at lake Tahoe, we picked Tuk up from the kennel. While we were there, Hannah Gray really had to use the restroom so the employee graciously let us use their bathroom. We walked in and immediately noticed the bathroom was shares by the house cats. HG started asking a ton of cat questions and why it smelled and about kitty littrler, etc. Then she asked about the smell, "will it kill you?" Well said Hannah Gray, well said.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7 days in a row!!

For those of you we have talked to lately, you know we have been struggling with bedtime a lot with Hannah Gray. She can't seem to slow down her mind to go to sleep and then that coupled with a strong willed mess that competes a donkey, its made for some very exhausting and ling nights. Since HG and I are so similar, our personalities can clash and we are at a point where we all need some successes. So we decided to provides some incentives and then gradually work away from them. So last night we celebrated 7 nights in a row of going to bed without screaming, calling for us or getting out of bed. So we went and picked out a beta. Tenley got to participate too, so she got one as well, which was beyond easy as she still has never even attempted to climb out of bed. You say goodnight to her and its like it's a magic word that drops a spell of deep sleep over her. Her challenge will soon turn to potty training... here ate the girls with their new pets

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Friday, July 6, 2012

here we go!!

Tenley is learning to use the potty!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

red, white and blue in NorCA

Nana arrived last night and we headed to South Lake Tahoe this morning to claim our spot on the beach. We took everything we needed for a day at the lake and couldn't have asked for better weather or a better spot to spend the day. Tenley even took a nap in the tent after much convincing. The girls LOVED everyminite of the fireworks. The lake was absolutely freezing, but Hannah Gray didn't mind and even got Ethan to join her (such a great daddy).
Thank goodness for the chariot stroller that carted everything and even carried Hannah Gray. The girls snuggled and crashed on the way home.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Loch Leven hike to alpine lakes

We headed up to the Tahoe National Forest for a hike and was able to make it up to the lakes this time where the girls and Tuk enjoyed the cold water. It was a great day to be out, although we believe web are getting to the very end of Hannah Gray allowing us to carry her in a pack for that ling. Our family hikes are going to be changing soon!
Here is Tenley singing "this is my commandment, that your joy may be FULL!" And HG learned a newbtrick ...

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

What Happened to our shy little girl??!

IMG_20120627_110831 (2)


So ever since Hannah Gray turned 4, she’s turned into this outgoing, VERY talkative to strangers little girl! She will approach just about any normal/friendly looking person and just start talking about whatever is on her mind. It’s hilarious knowing how shy she has been! So here she is at a library program when she volunteered to go play an instrument and march around the room. So cute!

Our budding artists

We found a great new story time that takes place at a super fun toy/educational store. The teacher is super friendly and always coordinates fun stories, songs and a craft. Best part? It’s free!!! Here are our little artists practicing their “pointillism”

IMG_20120628_110750 (2)IMG_20120628_110811IMG_20120628_110817 (2)

found this one in the vault

this is an older video of Tenley that I just came across that I thought was cute and just should be posted.

parents night at vbs

Hannah Gray and Tenley got to take us to their classrooms and experience what a day looked like while they were at camp. Hannah Gray loved showing us her new dance moves, so here is a video of all of us doing them together. Tenley was SUPER into it!

This was only part of My God Is So Big…


kind of funny and kind of not

Those of you who know Tenley know her as super laid back, very gentle and has a super happy/joyful, compliant nature. Which makes the following story hilarious. Apparently there is a little girl at the gym who is younger than Tenley but much more assertive. The teacher said that the two of them play either really well together or are just kind of at each other because they want what the other has. I walked in to pick Tenley up about a month ago and the teach wanted to let me know that Tenley had bit another little girl. “WHAT?! Seriously?”, then a moment of panic, “I am totally that mom with a kid that bites…”.  The teacher showed me the other little girl’s arm and sure enough a complete (upper and lower) impression of Tenley’s whacked out teeth. She explained to me what happened and she knows that not typical, but wanted to just let me know. I thank her, had a chat with Tenley then had her go and apologize to the other little girl. Once we got to the car, we rehashed everything, a bit firmed on my part and let her know what her consequence would be if she should ever do that again. She kept saying, “Yes Momma. Sawee Momma. Yes Momma”. Then finally seemed to be a bit irritated and said her in best 16 year old voice, " YES MOMMA!” like she meant to say, “geesh Mom, I get it already!”. But in all honesty, it was hilarious to see. She repeated back to me what her consequence would be (a shoulder or cheek squeeze or a spanking). So when we got home I tried to get her to have the same conversation with me so I could get it on film and this was the best I got (and we were post nap, so she’s a bit more mellow)