Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

T’s favorite new spot

Tenley can be a pretty clingy kid and has just been in a super big “I have to be with mommy at all times” phase, acting like she wishes they never would have cut the cord… just absolutely has to be held which makes dinner time very difficult. We have been working on it, by me telling her that I am not going to hold her and she HAS to go play. She is beginning to pick it up and has discovered her new favorite spot to be close to me.

So this is our comprise…


And this was the start of it. First were the Little People farm animals, then one night-night, then her quilt, then her pillow, and Tuk-doggie she sleeps with and about 3 books… Her stash literally grew to cover that entire kitchen rug, blocking that path between the kitchen island and the sink. But she played. Happily. Done, I will agree to that! Smile

Valentine’s Day

We are not really a couple that makes a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. But now that the girls are older, it’s fun to have a day to celebrate and do some different type of things. We made eggs and pancakes for breakfast and used cookie cutters to make hearts out of each and we went to a special little kids event at the mall. Then before dinner (yes, HG is in her pjs, that’s her new thing lately is to change herself into pjs sometime during nap), they got to open a little something from Ethan and me. They played with gifts from grandparents (ate tuk enjoyed eating the valentine’s window decals much to HG’s disappointment) and just enjoyed the day.

They had such a fun day and I think the sugar high definitely contributed to that! Daddy and HG went on a daddy date the night before and came back with some flowers for me. Then in the morning, we (all of us girls) woke to a plate of treats from Daddy who had to leave around 5 am.


Tenley is also wearing the tutu shirt and headband from Nana, Papa and Aunt Annie.

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day!

IMG_0873IMG_0875IMG_0876IMG_0877The girls and I made some homemade valentine’s to send to family and I thought the pictures of little chubby fingers packing Valentine’s was just too sweet…



We made some heart cut out cookies together to put the red, pink and white sprinkles Daddy brought home for us to good use.

Renee and a taste of Seattle!

The first weekend of February, our dear friend Renee came to visit. She last came into town the weekend before my birthday to surprise me and it has felt like eternity since I last saw her. I don’t think we knew were to begin in catching up! She came in Friday night and after a late, late night of catching up, we headed to Tahoe to do some snowshoeing. It was a surprisingly warm day and we had a great time!

IMG_0838IMG_0840IMG_0842IMG_0847IMG_0853IMG_0857IMG_0860IMG_0870photo (1)photo (5)photo (7)photo (8)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

T looking like daddy…

We went snowshoeing a couple weeks ago when my friend Renee was in town and the girls crashed HARD on the way home! Here is Tenley girl…

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