Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A visit to dear friends

Okay, so I was excited to post about our trip to see our friends, Josh and Heather and their boys Finlay and Laird, and realized that I don’t have any pictures from the weekend! It was so great to see them and the graciously let us use their home for our newborn/family pictures. Hannah Gray had a blast playing outside with Finlay at the water table and “watering” Heather’s basil (hopefully it’s still alive). Then we had more fantastic food and the kids played ALL night long! I really mean “all night”. We loa ded the kiddos up and headed home about 10:15 PM for our 3+ hr drive home. Finlay and Hannah Gray exchange many kisses with big puckered lips. Finlay figured out how to take Hannah Gray’s binkie out to make her more available to his advances :). I will see if I can get the video on here. Anyway, such a blessing to have friends like Manifolds! What a refreshing and super fun visit!

manifold 1

enjoying the water table (pre Hannah Gray falling and hitting her lip)

manifold 2

Petro-Manifold family picture

manifold 3

Apparently Finlay was trying to look under the door while I was going to the bathroom…

manifold 4

The Kiss

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