Wednesday, April 9, 2008

8 Months! 52 days and Counting...

Wow, so we begin month number 8! Really nothing new to report but here are a couple more pictures that prove I'm actually really showing now. My lacrosse girls love the belly button that makes itself apparent through t-shirts now... I guess that comes with the territory. As you can see, Tanner's impressed too. :)

Li'l Petro continues to get bigger as my belly appears to gradually be getting too small for him or her. It feels like we've got a gymnast in there (probably not, b/c I can't do a cartwheel if my life depended on it, so maybe a soccer player with all that kicking around)! We continue to pray for a healthy mid May delievery rather than very end of May so we can make it to the state semi's and finals game... we'll see how that goes! We'd welcome our new little fan anytime, but what a great addition to a great team.