Monday, February 21, 2011


We were finally able to get out and enjoy the mountains yesterday! Ethan hit the motherload at the REI scratch and dent sale and we were able to finally use our Christmas money to get our snowshoes and even the ski attachment for our Chariot stroller! It has two skis that go on in place of the wheels and then there are long poles that attach to a waist belt that Ethan wore. So yes, he basically pulled 100 lbs (between both girls, some of their stuff and the stroller itself) uphill behind him in snowshoes! What a guy! We took some beautiful pictures as it was a perfectly clear, blue sky sunny day where you could see ALL the mountains around us. Then we discovered that there was no memory card in the camera! GRrr!!!! But we did get a little bit of video which was fun. Tuk had a blast out on the trail as well. He's the perfect trail dog! He would go run up head of us and wait or keep going until we called him back. Then he would prance and pounce all the way back to us swinging his tail so hard his rear was following it and look up at us with his ears slicked back just wanting to know that he pleased us. Such a good boy!
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Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday afternoon, we were in Tenley’s room as I was feeding her and getting the girls ready to take their afternoon naps. Hannah Gray asked if she could climb into Tenley’s crib and I told her she could. Before I knew it, she was climbing out. But almost immediately fell, head first. It was as though she did a flip over the uneven bar at the playground. She was completely vertical and it looked like she hit her head. I gasped, and jumped to get her. She laid perfectly still on the ground, just whimpering. Not even a full out cry from fear. Just quietly laying on the floor crying. We checked her head, and neck and didn’t notice anything and I tried to scoop her up and she asked us not to hold her as she laid on her back. Eventually, she finally got up but just seemed uncomfortable and sore. She was holding her arm awkwardly, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. She could bend her arm and raise it, although neither motion was full. Sometimes she would go back to playing, then then would just burst into tears. She kept telling us that her elbow hurt and would say, “right here” pointing. But pushing and bending didn’t bother it. So we decided to watch her and wait to see if we should take her in.

She was exhausted and ready for her nap, but only slept 30-40 minutes. Way shy of her 2 hr on the nose nap. Ethan took her to the store with him and he said she seemed okay then would just start crying in the grocery cart. We had a large number of people coming over for dinner for Peak 7 and Ethan was ready to miss it to take her to the ER. We decided to wait as we still couldn’t tell what was going on and decided to call the family doctor in the morning. So after everyone left, Hannah Gray was still disinterested in food, it was close to 10 and didn’t really seem very tired or able to go to sleep. I gave her a cup of milk that she tried to put down on the countertop she was sitting on, and just burst into tears. That was it, it was time we take her to the ER, tonight. Ethan asked Hannah Gray, “do you want Daddy to take you to the doctor, Hannah Gray?”. She looked at him and in tears said, “Yes please Daddy. Please take me to the doctooorrrrrr” and ended in heavy tears. “Okay, Daddy will take you. Tell Momma bye-bye”. And with her arm tucked in close to her side and with big heavy sob and tears welled in her eyes, “bye-bye Momma” with a quick wave and then she lunged for Daddy as though she was just anxious to go get help. We both melted and teared up at how sweet and sad the moment was. It was pitiful.

Ethan called after the x-ray and said the doctor originally was thinking she was fine and at the last movement to check, rotated her little forearm inwards. At that, Hannah Gray flinched and screamed. That was it, x-ray of the radius. The x-ray revealed a fracture at the proximal end of the radius (near that bony inner part of your elbow). They put a cast split (a fully enclosed split, but is not to be removed) on that covers her little fingers and goes all the way to her armpit until the swelling goes down and she gets a permanent cast next week at the ortho department at Children’s. She and Ethan arrived last night with her in a new pair of hospital pj’s, a cast, sling (which she had removed just before the picture and wouldn’t put back on) and a lollipop. Ethan said she kept trying to fall asleep in his arms at the hospital, then would have that falling asleep reflex which would jerk her arm and cause her to cry out in pain. She took his hand and asked him to hold her elbow into her body as that seemed to help. So Ethan kept her little elbow tucked into her side and she fell asleep where they waited for the results of the x-ray for over a half an hour.

Today she is obviously sore as the pain meds have worn off. She’s being a trooper and I’m trying to figure out how to get the lollipop out of her hair and give her a bath while keeping her arm dry. Tenley still has a nasty sinus infection+cough+ teething combo and praying that our girls heal quickly. We pray for a full night of rest for everyone tonight!



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bubble Rice

I made a chicken salad for lunch today with roasted almond, orange pieces, raisins, leftover rotisserie chicken in a vinaigrette with quinoa. I thought it was pretty good until Hannah Gray took a bit, grimaced and told me, “I no like this bubble rice”. What an amazing description! HA! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ben and Jaime (Ethan’s brother and his wife) were out this way for their trip to Whistler up in Canada and they graciously invited us up to join them for a few days. We enjoyed our time with them so much and it was so fun to get to see Whistler as well.





She loved to play in the snow with her bare hands!


Kissing a mountie


Sportin’ the “Grillz” with Aunt Jaime and Uncle Ben

We had so much fun with Ben and Jaime and miss them a ton already! Thanks SO much for having us up to spend some time with you guys!!

Officially my Sous Chef

This outfit from Nana and Papa for Christmas arrived last week  and she loves it!

IMG_5706 IMG_5712

My Sous Chef

Hannah Gray was helping me make some cupcakes for our neighbor who watched Tuk for us while we were away. She disappeared for a minute and this is how I found her. Apparently she had spotted something on TV that caught her eye. This is her new favorite seat in the house for watching a cartoon, reading a book, etc. We had just come back from the gym, and she wanted to wear my headband. I wish you could see the cupcake batter on her face and shirt too… :)IMG_5654

9 and counting!

Wow, B is 9 months old already!!! Just occurred to me that we are going to be celebrating her first birthday before we know it! Where has this year gone?


IMG_5646 IMG_5641

IMG_5652 IMG_5651

I know some of these pictures are a bit redundant, but I was having fun with her and the camera. Her hands will only be this small for this day!

Tenley’s personality is  coming out more and more everyday. She is so sweet, outgoing and just happy. She truly is a gift of joy to our family and those she meets!