Saturday, June 30, 2012

Family Fun Night in Auburn

Last weekend we headed to the foothills town of Auburn for their Family Fun Night after church. The local business, fire department and other organizations were out and offered a really fun night. The girls had their faces painted and they were super excited about that. Even though we were the very last ones (the kind lady couldn’t cut the line off ahead of us and stayed until it was beyond dark, hence Tenley’s green rabbit instead of a typical, elaborate design/mask she did in the daylight). The girls waited patiently for probably 20-30 minutes and Daddy even joined them in a game of duck, duck, goose, a new favorite around here.

IMG_20120623_175717IMG_20120623_183222IMG_20120623_205135 (2)

The bouncy house with a GIANT slide that HG was super excited about at church, then posing with Daddy in the fire truck and playing duck, duck goose.


Last week the girls and I went to camp at our new church. It was a superhero themed and they changed the whole church property into a city that was pretty incredible. I worked in the recreation area operating the winch machine that pulled kids across a pool of water on a boogie board. It was a pretty cool ride to work!

Here are some pictures of the girls during the week

IMG_20120620_082622IMG_20120621_082155IMG_20120622_120949IMG_20120622_121038 (2)

Monday, June 18, 2012


Part 2!! Here are some pictures from our time in Findlay and all the fun we had there!


obstacle course at Nana and Papa camp, then over to the neighbors for a paddle boat ride


Nana passing out the obstacle course t shirts



bubbles and watermelon!


shaving cream slip ‘n slide!!




birthday cupcake party


bday dinner before heading home early(!) the next morning


birthday convertible ride with Grandpa and his silly hat


saying goodbye at the airport