Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tenley, meet your Grandparents!

Tenley was born on a Tuesday morning and we came home from the hospital Wednesday night. Friday afternoon, Nana and Papa (Ethan’s parents) arrived and then Mimi and Grandpa arrived in time for dinner Friday evening. We had a great time together! Here are some pictures from the weekend…IMG_1034 

Tenley meets Nana


Sisters in matching pjs (hg was SUPER excited about this)

IMG_0408 IMG_0438IMG_0405 IMG_0404


We all went to the park and Hannah Gray loves the little creek in the back. The water was freezing, but she didn’t care. I was wet to my shins and so was Hannah Gray. She would reach down into the gravel and muck and take big handfulls of it, rub it into her hands, rinse and repeat. She loves to explore!


Tenley in Hannah Gray’s baby stroller (we did this after HG was in bed…)


Hannah Gray wanted her picture taken with Tenley while she was in the swing

AIMG_1044 IMG_1040

Tenley meets the Kuhnell grandparents

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