Wednesday, May 12, 2010

photo shoot

When we first moved to Annapolis, we met a photographer at a park and had our first family photos taken with her. Since then she has done two more shoots for us. The second was right after we found out we were expecting Tenley and we had those pictures taken at City Dock in the early fall. And most recently, we had Tenley’s newborn pictures taken. She’s great and we’ve gotten to be friends with Jen. Unfortunately, Hannah Gray was pretty much at her max about 5 minutes into the shoot, but we got some keepers nonetheless.

P050110-004 P050110-013 P050110-016 P050110-047 P050110-040 P050110-034 P050110-024

I don’t think I ever thought my daughter would wear one of these, but it does look cute for the picture… (no offense to anyone who does put these on their daugthers- I’m just not a big flower kind of girl)

P050110-020 P050110-070 P050110-090 P050110-096 P050110-079 P050110-082 P050110-076   P050110-056

P050110-108 P050110-105 P050110-119 P050110-050

(this is the meltdown pic :) )

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