Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas night

Playing with Aunt Annie
Helping Papa open his present
Hannah Gray has this opening part down now! She's helping Nana too!
After Christmas morning, we had a wonderful, relaxing traditional brunch and then had the afternoon just to hang out and enjoy spending time with each other. Then in the late afternoon we all parted ways to see the other sides of our families. We left for Findlay and made it just in time for dinner and to do presents with Nana and Papa.

Christmas Morning!

Mimi and Hannah Gray

Caleb is actually eating these Jelly Bellies where the flavor is either peach or vomit, pear or boogers, dirt or something else better than dirt. You have no idea which one it is until you eat it! So notice the face Keith is making!
Aunt Melissa and Hannah Gray
All aboard!
So fun on my new toboggan!

Daddy helps Hannah Gray color
Miss Lauren and Melissa work on the packaging

Keith and Caleb play with his new DS
LOVES to color!

Opening a present from Santa

Enjoying the German tradition of an apple in the bottom of the stocking. Notice the granola bar- that was a hit!

Checking out the stockings from afar...
Waiting to come down the stairs Christmas morning at Mimi and Grandpa's

Christmas Eve!

Working cousin Lauren's laptop like a pro, just like daddy... it was amazing, she knew just what to do!
family pic
Oh, the joy of whipped cream!


We continued the Kuhnell tradition by celebrating Christmas Eve with all of my extended family on my mom's side of the family. We have done this way before I was even born and it's still a family favorite! We went to my cousin's house where we had a great dinner and welcomed Santa for a short time. Here are some pictures from the night.

All the little cousins...

Waiting patiently for daddy to open her present
So excited!
Mimi playing a game with all the grandkids/cousins while waiting for Santa to come
So pretty in her Christmas dress

funny pic

On our way to the airport to fly to Chicago we saw these two people walk up from the subway with all their skiing/snowboarding gear attached to them. It just looked really funny to see them getting off the subway and walking the streets of NYC like this.

Petro Christmas

The weekend before Christmas, the whole Petro gang met in Chicago to celebrate. It was so fun to be together as it had been as long as a year since we had seem some Petros!

There was a fun amount of snow on the ground, so we took the cousins and let them play in the snow at the playground. It was the first time Hannah Gray had seen snow this season so she wasn't sure what to think of it at first. But she made some snowballs (ate some snowballs) and made her first snow angel of the year.

more belly buttons and a picnic!

Hannah Gray realized she didn't have a onesie on the other day and took full advantage of showing me hers all day long! :)

She also loves to sit on blankets or drag her favorites around the house. This particular day she grabbed the heavy blanket from her stroller and spread it out with books and puppy to "read".

Oh Christmas Tree!

We ended up just going to a lot this year to find our tree, but Hannah Gray loved running through the rows of trees instead of a farm anyways. She has been really good about the ornaments on the tree as we left only childproof ones lower within her reach.

baking with Mommy

Hannah Gray helped me make cookie dough one morning and she loved "helping"! Actually, she did a really good job of watching and stirring. She loved tasting the flour of all things.