Wednesday, December 17, 2008

look at me mom

Hannah Gray was almost rolling over completely when she was really little. Then she figured out how to complete the task when she hit 4 months old. But with the move and all the traveling, she quit really doing it. At least she didn't seem to have much motivation to. Well, I went to go get her from her nap yesterday, and there she was on her belly! And Ethan put her to bed when I was out and I came home to say goodnight and she was on her belly again! So I guess it's back!!

too cute!

Hannah Gray has been practicing sitting up on her own. She's getting pretty good at it, but she still needs a little bit of help. I had a little too much confidence the other day and moved from her side. Then I heard a "thump" as she fell backwards onto the carpet. That was the first time she has cried from feeling hurt other than like a gas pain. Oops! So sorry little one...

I think it's just too stinkin' cute when she rubs her eyes when she gets sleepy. You may have noticed the ink on her hands too- no, she wasn't arrested. We did her 6 month hand and footprints the other night. We discovered the hands are much too difficult to do at this point. We'll just stick with the feet. And she continues to love her bath times, especially now that she can sit up. She loves to splash and kick like crazy. I will have to get that one on video too.

Our First week

My mom came out on Tuesday and stayed through Saturday. She was a tremendous help from unpacking, organzing, cleaning, playing with Hannah Gray, etc. We got so much accomplished and had a lot of fun too. We went to the Amish Market here in Annapolis, hit up downtown Annapolis for some Christmas shopping and fantastic ice cream, finished shopping at Target and went to Baltimore too! Unfortunately, I don't have more pictures from the week! I'm so bummed about that. But here are a couple. There was still so much I wanted to take her to see. I guess we'll just have something to look forward to!

I'm 6 months old!

Here are Hannah Gray's 6 month pictures. We had her 6 mo check up the week we moved and she weighed in at 17.7 lbs and 27 in long! She's growing so fast. 

more moving day pictures

The Big Day

We received some great help with the move. Nana and Papa came from Findlay, Mimi, Grandpa and Uncle Keith, Aunt Annie and Uncle Gary from Chicago. The boys had the truck all loaded by lunch time. We pulled out of Cincinnati at about 2 o'clock or so. 

I'm 5 months old!

Wow, I'm late on posting this one. But here are her monthly bday pictures. I have some videos of her laughing and playing that I am anxious to post. I'm waiting for the cord to hook the camera up to the computer to arrive in the mail. 


Somewhere in the middle of all of this, Hannah Gray had cereal for the first time. She wasn't too sure what to think (I wasn't either, I'm new at this too!)- it was pretty runny, but she did well. She quickly went to enjoying it better thicker. She should begin some other solids here shortly! I think we'll wait until after Christmas and then I'll have more time to figure out how to start...

The Going Away Party

We had an open house at the home of some wonderful friends. It was a great chance to say goodbye to family and friends. I unfortunately don't have many pictures, b/c I was busy talkign with people. I will have to get some more pictuers from my mom.

The day of our going away party, we all hit up Starbucks one last time. All the kids (and the adults for that matter) are BIG starbucks fans. My mom I think has had all the kids saying "bucks" as one of their first words!

Here is a picture of Hannah Gray discovering her feet for the first time!


For Thanksgiving, we headed to Wilmore where my sister and her family hosted all of us! We had a great time playing with all the cousins. After dinner, we headed down to the lake with my parents.

Hannah Gray spent some quality time with Aunt Annie as we continued to pack up back in Cincinnati. The second picture is Gray in front of the wall in her new Annapolis bedroom. It took us all week to do b/c we could only do a little bit each day. I will post the final product all moved in later. 


Maybe I should explain why this looks a bit choppy... we came out for a week before Thanksgiving and the video and pictures are leading up to the big move which was in December. I will post some pictures and videos of the finished product once we get cleaned up a bit more (we are in good shape, but now we're in the process of packing up for Christmas, so stuff is everywhere again). 

out with Mimi and Grandpa!

The night before we moved, we went out to dinner with my folks to one of our favorites restaraunts, Maggiano's. Here is a cute picture of Hannah Gray with some of her grandparents.

My Miami Girls!

My girlfriends from Miami all got together to spend sometime with each other before we shipped off to MD. Here are some great pictures from the afternoon together. All 3 Chutneys were together for the first time which was great.
blogspot was having some issues, so I had to post this in two parts. here's the second one...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our new house!

Here is a video of our new place, pre-move in so things have changed, but at least you can get the gist of it. 

My First Bday as a Mom!

We celebrated my 27th birthday and first as a parent at my parent's home. Family joined us to celebrate.