Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm 4 months old!!

I'm late in posting it, but here it is better late than never. She weighed in at a whopping 15.4 lbs!

I'm not even sure what to title this one- it's just a great picture in a great gift from Aunt Annie!!

Bears and Pumpkin Patches

Hannah Gray received her winter coat in the mail this week and as you can see, she knew how cute she looked in it!! Too bad it was too big and we had to send it back, because now it's so cold here and she could be using it! Hopefully we'll get the right size soon. 

This last weekend, we also went to a local farm to check out the pumpkins and go on a hayride. I think Hannah Gray enjoyed herself (as much as a 4 mo. old can! :) ). Here are some favorite pictures. 

Fun with Friends

Last week we had a great visit with our friend Katie Farr! It was so fun to see her and we look forward to seeing her more frequently. It's crazy how big Hannah Gray is- last time Katie saw her (back in a July posting), Hannah Gray was just a newbie!!

We visited with Aunt Melissa, Uncle Brent, Haleigh, Kyleigh, Ben and Lauren (I forgot my camera) last weekend and had a blast with them in Kentucky. They generously gave us a little bouncer seat that Hannah Gray LOVES more than anything else. She really gets going in it and looks like she could bounce right out of it! It definitely makes getting some things done around home a bit easier for me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

plenty of laughter and fun!

We had an extremely busy day of trying to get doctors' appointments in and other random things done before the big day so my mom came over to hang out with Gray. I'm told that Hannah Gray was laughing hysterically (so hard that Ethan who was on the phone, working upstairs, heard her). So they pulled out the cameras and tried to get it on film. Hannah Gray has this crazy quirk that EVERY time we pull out the video camera, she immediately stops doing whatever it was the made us grab the camera and stares. We have to get a cord so I can get video on the blog, but I will post video sometime sooner than later. Anyway, here are some pictures that my mom took.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fun pictures

Oh, the many faces of dear Hannah Gray! We wished our parents Happy Grandparents day via our "homemade" Hallmark onesie and took pictures. And she just always looks so stinkin' cute after her baths and I couldn't resist the Ray Charles picture either. She's perfecting her "Blue Steel" look as well. We love her to pieces!!

more pictures

I wanted to include some more pictures from our trip

Annapolis, a Hurricane and a move

The second week of September, Team Petro loaded up and made a drive out to Annapolis for what was interview number one of two. Hannah Gray even helped with the driving. We stayed in downtown Annapolis and had a great time in the historical town on the water. Ethan's interview went really well (it ended up being 3 1/2 hrs long!!) and we enjoyed the town. We even had a chance to visit with our friends, Tom and Lindsay! We came back home and were greeted by the "hurricane" that hit Ohio. It was an extremely windy drive from Zanesville all the way back to Cincinnati. I think the winds were probably hitting at least 60 mph. Once we got home, our neighbors greeted us as everyone was outside because the electricity had gone out. They told us that it could be a week without power! I thought they were kidding. But they definitely were not. So we got the car unloaded and Hannah Gray ready for bed before we lost sunlight and enjoyed a quiet evening at home. We drove to Findlay Monday morning to go get a generator from Ethan's parents so we didn't lose all the food in our freezer. On the way back home, Ethan received a phone call asking him to come back to Annapolis for another interview with the President.  He was the only person they interviewed that they invited back. So last Tuesday, we loaded up and made trip #2 to Annapolis. 

It's been extrememly hard to think of leaving our family and friends, but we find continued comfort in the fact that God is leading and directing us. We would most definitely appreciate continued prayers and support. 

Visit with Marty and Quinn

Marty and Quinn came in town from Denver a couple weeks ago and we had the privilege of spending some great time with them while they were here. It was a riot to see Quinn and Gray check each other out; I think they will be great buddies too. We are so thankful for friends like them. Here are a couple of my all time favorite pictures. Quinn was pretty amused with Gray's dark hair and they were extremely sensitive towards one another. One couldn't cry without the other!