Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tenley getting her scoot on



We have had a few rainy days here this week and needed just a little something special to do. So we hit Target for some finger paints and had about, well 20 minutes worth of fun. Funny, I thought it would have given us about a hour of entertainment, but my kitchen cabinets are covered in beautiful artwork…Smile

I should have had an “after” picture, but I was running around like mad trying to make sure they didn’t touch anything. There were handprints on the chairs, door to the bathroom, sink, wall and faucet. Thank goodness for washable paints!

so sick


it was an eventful week with an all nighter with Tenley Sunday night with some type of a stomach bug (she fell asleep right around 7, then Hannah Gray walked into our room around 7:15), then Hannah Gray had a croup like thing with a fever for a few days. She slept on our floor next to our bed and she was so sad and sweet looking, I had to take a picture.

Catching up with friends

My friends from college (actually Allison and I have been friends since elementary school, playing soccer together all the way through high school and then eventually college housemates) were out in CA so we got to spend the day with them! It was so fun and we had a great morning at the Sacramento Zoo (our first time there), lunch at In N Out and then dinner and playing back at our place.