Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well, we finally got our snow! It started snowing last night around midnight and is supposed to continue through Thursday morning. We woke up to at least 5-6 inches or so and it's quickly accumulating. It's super fun!!! We're looking forward to getting out and enjoying it after lunch. Ethan put hannah gray in some fun blizzard attire he found at walmart...

Denver and the Owens!

Hannah Gray was so excited to see Daddy and he even brought her a book about a puppy that goes on his first trip. I missed the initial expression of absolute joy, but this was a close second expression. So happy to be with Daddy!!

On her first train ride!
Hannah Gray was an ALL STAR on the flight. She completely stickerfied herself (notice them even on her binkie...)

Hannah Gray discovered Quinn's chef's hat...

Waiting for our flight at the airport with her "Melmo" backpack.

The girls in the dog's crate. I promise, they got in there on their own.

Beautiful view from the park in Denver

Playing together at the Red Rocks museum

Enjoying the Denver Zoo and waiting for the train ride

Hannah Gray was scared of this big gorilla

BFFs! :)

Hannah Gray and I were blessed enough to go visit our dear friends, Marty and Quinn out in Denver last week. We had a great time getting out and enjoying a beautiful city, great weather and fantastic friends. It was SOO good to see them all! Here are some pictures of the girls playing together


We ventured up north (and to the west) a bit to enjoy the Delaware Water Gap. We had some warm days in January, so we decided to take the crew hiking. It was a super fun, intense hike that went uphill the entire way over big rocks and boulders. Hannah Gray was a trooper as always in her pack, but definitely was ready to get out by the time we made it to the top. This is also my 7 month pregnancy pic... we're getting closer! We also enjoyed a case of food poisoning after the hike, but were so thankful it didn't kick in until we got home.

Being silly

Hannah Gray now likes to sit at my planning desk where the computer is to look at pictures on my computer (ie. facebook pics). She has these sunglasses from cousin Norah's bday party from right after she was born, but has always loved these! She spotted them on my desk and insists on wearing them. She knows she's pretty stinkin' cute in 'em...

little behind....

Wow, I get so behind on blog posts so fast... oops! We left off at Christmas. Since then, we took a trip with Ethan to Boston. He was in class all week, but Hannah Gray and I were able to enjoy the sites of Boston! She LOVED the aquarium and now knows all her aquatic life :). Her favorites were the seals and penguins. We found a Curious George Goes to the Aquarium book, and she LOVES it now. So fun. Here are a few pics of the trip. Just in case you were wondering, she is holding her cousin Emalyn's Flat Stanley. We were helping with a project by taking Flat Stanley on trips with us and proving it with pics.