Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dinner out

Tonight, Mommy needed a break. So the girls and I walked to town to enjoy some great Chinese food at our local go to spot. Hannah Gray definitely enjoyed the chop sticks-



I also forgot to post these pictures before. But Hannah Gray and I made apricot cookies for Ethan to take with him in a goodie bag we put together for his trip. Hannah Gray helped pour things into the mixer and then “placed” the cookies on the sheets for me. The funny part was, I would hand her a heap of the dough and she would either try to immediately put it in her mouth, or put it on the tray and then look at me, then look back at the dough mound and try to sneak a taste (or half the mound). It was so cute and she’s like her mama- we love our cookie dough! :)

IMG_1049 IMG_1053


Her perfect placement (I carried the tray back into the kitchen and tried to do a really quick rearrangement before she would see, then toss it in the oven)

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