Monday, May 24, 2010

Hannah Gray’s apple

Last night as I was making dinner, Hannah Gray asked for a snack (like usual). So I handed her an apple thinking it would keep her busy for awhile and it’s a healthy snack. We usually hand her an entire apple while we’re hiking and/or picnicking and she eats like 1/2 of it. Well, last night she worked on it the whole time I was cooking and she would run between the family room and the kitchen checking up on me. And I literally mean run b/c apples are Tanner’s favorite treat and he was on her heels so she was squealing in excitement! She also learned to fend for herself pretty well apparently because she managed to eat the entire thing. I don’t mean to the core, I’m including the core! The little piece she was left holding onto was an outer part that included a little piece of skin. I SO wish I had a picture of it, but to be honest, I was just too tired and trying to get dinner on the table (that will teach me to take the time to slow down, right?) to grab the camera. And then before you knew it, that little piece was gone too! Good thing I twisted the stem off first, huh?

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