Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big Time Skiing

We took the girls to Homewood today for Hannah Gray's first time skiing on the mountain. She got to ride the ski lift with Daddy for the first time and loved being off the bunny hill.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas in Ohio

The first part of our trip included about a week in Findlay with the whole Petro clan being together for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We had lots of fun baking cookies, riding trains, having marshmallow fights and then playing in the snow!


Riding the train with Daddy… it was freezing cold with a strong, biting wind. So this is how Tenley started out, we rounded the corner heading into the wind…


and Tenley buried her face in the blanket and wouldn’t take it down until we were out of the wind again. We aren’t quite sure how she managed to do this with mittens on where her thumbs weren’t even in the right spot. Where there’s a will there’s a way!


We got to meet the newest Petro over Christmas and the girls were beyond excited to meet baby Anna! Here they are seeing her for the first time.


So excited to hold her for the first time!! Tenley called Anna “my baby” all week long and you could bet wherever Anna was, Tenley was there too!


Watching Uncle Gary giving the marshmallow gun tutorial


Marshmallow fight and Aunt Katie keeping the littles “safe”!



Post Christmas Eve service pictures


Rise and Shine Tenley!! Cousins on Christmas morning and then checking out the Santa cookie plate and reindeer food.



Hannah Gray asked for a “bully doggie” and Tenley really wanted “lip balm and pink nail polish”. So Christmas was a huge success!! Smile


We hosted Grandma and Grandpa Blossom for Christmas Dinner and the “picked” family members (aka, the in-laws) plus Ethan were tasked with making the table and table decorations. This is what we came up with and we were all pretty proud of our efforts! Felt like we were on some competition show on HGTV…


Findlay was in blizzard warnings for the day after Christmas and we had a blast waiting for it and then enjoying it! We probably got about 7-8 inches and we went out to play in once the wind started to die down a little bit. The girls were in heaven playing with Daddy and their aunts in the snow! Hannah Gray always says, “I wish it would snow in our neighborhood…”


‘Tis the Season!

We were back in the midwest for two weeks, so we did our little family celebration before we left. We did Christmas morning and then had our Christmas brunch and got ready to leave later that week.


Daddy Date!


Hannah Gray diligently worked on crafts for everyone in the family as Christmas presents. She was just about bursting to give everyone the special projects she had for each one of us. Including the doggie t-shirt she made for Tenley.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

oops! we forgot some 2012 highlights!

I was just going through the pictures on the camera to clean up the disc and realized that I never put pictures from Halloween, my bday or our parent’s visit up!

Here’s a catch up…





HG christmas treeHG turkeyIMG_1599IMG_1602IMG_1606IMG_2625