Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tenley army crawling

she's getting it!

Almost 1!

I took Tenley’s 11 month pictures yesterday… so wild to think that the next ones will be for her first birthday!

IMG_0064 IMG_0069 IMG_0074

She is now army crawling (new, earlier this month) and is still desperately working on getting those teeth!

Pajama Night!

Our dear friends that live up the street from us invited to join them at their church for a Pajama party that they do once a month. The preschool aged kids get to wear their pajamas to church where they read stories, have a craft, games, songs and some drama. I took Hannah Gray and Tenley on St. Patrick’s Day and the girls LOVED it! Hannah Gray made shamrock glasses (she didn’t keep them on long enough to take a picture) that she thought were pretty cool. They had lots of fun music and our Hannah Gray loves to dance! Here she is dancing with our friend Won…


Hannah Gray keeps asking for another “jama night!”

“I wanna go on a tacation”

Recently Hannah Gray informed me that she wanted to go on a tacation (vacation) with me, daddy and tenley-gurl, as she says. She decided that once she got her cast off, she wanted to go away. If I asked her where she wanted to go, she’d either say “I don’t know, anything” or “go swimming”. And sure enough, the morning she got her cast off she told Daddy she was ready for her tacation!


P3220509 IMG_0082

Fun with Friends

Earlier this week we had some friends over for dinner with their 4 kiddos. We met this family at our Y and immediately connected. This was the first time we have been able to get both of our entire families together!! We had a great time with them and Hannah Gray had a blast running around with all the older kids!

IMG_0058 IMG_0059

Friday, March 18, 2011

“What makes your heart happy Hannah Gray?”

So tonight Hannah Gray seemed a little bit melancholy or just plain tired. But Ethan had left earlier this morning, and I was headed out and she knew a baby sitter was coming. So I asked her, “Hannah Gray, is your heart happy?”. “Yes, Momma”. “What makes your heart happy?” “Jesus loves me Momma.” Yes kiddo, you’re right, He does. Always remember that

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here is Hannah Gray and Tenley girl with their growth chart made my Nana!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what a day!

Last week, as we were leaving the hospital from getting Hannah Gray's arm casted, I realized I had a flat tire. Not just a leaky flat tire, but the kind where I looked around to find a punk with a knife type of flat tire. After a failed attempt by a nice man and his teenage son to help me (and I had also tried to change it at this point and realized that the thing (yes, thing) I needed to get the lug nuts off was the wrong size- I didn't have the right tool in my car). So the security guy came after about 45 minutes of trying. He was able to get the lug nuts off only to find that the tire had oxidized onto the wheel and he couldn't get it to budge. So I had to wait on a tow truck and by this point, Hannah Gray has been in her car seat for about 2 hours. I was rummaging through the car to try and find food as I was planning on being home by noon (which I would have been). I found some trail mix in the stroller from our previous weekend snowshoeing and there were even M&M's in it! Score! Here is a video of her talking about M&M's, it's so fun to hear her say it... She was such as a trooper as we then had a problem with the stem leaking air on the spare tire! It was quite a day!!!!!

Valentine's Day a little late

Here is a quick video of Hannah Gray seeing the book that is read by my mom for the first time. She tried to talk to MiMi in the book speaker thinking Mom was on the other end!


Right after Hannah Gray’s fall, my mom sent out a care package that was a Build-a-Bar complete with a cast, sling, band-aid and crutch (oh and hairbows too). So after Hannah Gray got her cast, we took her in to get it stuffed and put a heart in it. She didn’t know what to think at first as she seems to have gotten more shy lately. Once she realized what was going on, she suddenly flipped a switch and decided she wanted to help “bath” and brush her new bear. She put all the hairbows in and then named her “Gray Bear” since she has a “Hannah Doggie”.





Putting hairbows in


Daddy helping put the cast, sling and bandaid on


Finished project (the t-shirt is from our dear friends Josh and Heather in Annapolis. They made it for her after her 3 ER visits in 2 months…)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Arm, Part 2

So two weeks ago exactly, I posted how Hannah Gray broke her arm. Well at the casting appointment, the attending doctor did not see a break in her elbow, but when the splint came off there was a pretty bad bruise around her wrist with some swelling. We were sent home to just keep an eye on her. The next week, Tenley was still not feeling good, so I had her back at our family doctor’s office. Our doctor took a look at Hannah Gray and didn’t think it looked very good, but said if we waited a few more days then an xray would be more decisive as a fracture would then be easier to see.

So last night, we took her back to the hospital for xrays of her wrist this time. And this time around, it revealed not one, but two fractures in her little wrist. They looked good in the sense that they were beginning to heal already, but we were sent back to Children’s for her cast today. As of last night, she said she wanted, “a pink wimming cast” (aka a pink swimming cast). But they don’t really do swimming casts anymore and she had somehow changed her mind to a blue cast. So this afternoon after a miserable day that included a ruined tire, a tire oxidized onto the wheel, 2+ hrs in the car, a tow man, a repair, realization of a faulty/leaky spare and a slow, and long drive home, we came home for a conclusion to her fall from two weeks ago. Phew! She fell asleep in the car and when she woke from her nap almost 3 hours later, she was delighted to find a cupcake with “tar pinkels” (start sprinkles) at her spot on the dining room table. She has been such a trooper!


She was being a bit shy about having her picture taken at the hospital, so she’s trying to hide her cast. She was just ready to go at this point.

Here is a video of her dancing before we took her to get it xrayed. We were just having fun and thought it was cute.

Snowshoeing, part 2

Last weekend, we went out to the Cascades to do a Peak 7 community snowshoe trip. It was significantly colder than our first trip out with the girls, and MUCH more powder and a heavy, consistent snow the whole hike. It was amazingly quiet, still and beautiful. We had a great time with the group and the girls did awesome! The stroller ski attachment is designed more for cross country skiing and not uphill pulling in powder, but it worked. We were thankful for friends who helped push up steep sections and when the snow got deep! I think my calves felt the climb for several days.


Ethan ready to go with the girls attached


A peek inside


Ethan was literally tossing Hannah Gray into the powder which was about hip height on her up in the mountains. They made snow angels until the snow hit Hannah Gray’s bare back…


Tenley was fast asleep in the stroller


Hannah Gray’s First Ski

This was a few weeks ago, but I forgot to post it as things got a little hectic after this with HG breaking her arm, etc (this is not related to skiing though, by the way… :) ).

We went to a festival at a local mountain to support some outdoor retail companies and Hannah Gray got to borrow a little kid’s pair of skis. She had a blast.

P2120436 P2120441

Nothing like a good snack after a hard day on the slopes…


Tenley girl all nice and warm