Monday, May 24, 2010

at the “shore”

So if you’re in NJ, you don’t call the beach the beach. It’s the “shore”. It’s the #1 hint that you’re not from here… We took the kids to the shore on Saturday to check out the boardwalk and let Hannah Gray play in the sand and all the fun stuff.


IMG_1012 Hannah Gray LOVED the boats and would squeal in excitement until the boat passed. Then immediately put her two little pointer fingers together and say,  “ moah” (aka more). She loves her “bose” (aka boats). Sidenote: even when we go to REI, she flips out in excitement at seeing the kayaks! She did not want to leave this little bench. I think she takes after her mom with her obsession with boats and being on the water. I taught her to say “please” when a boat would pass by… Ethan thought that as funny, kind of. :)



When we found an entrance to the beach that was free, Hannah Gray wanted out of the stroller immediately. I put her down and she scampered down the stairs and this is what she did as soon as she hit the sand. Superman dived into the sand! She just laid there “swimming” in the sand. I literally had to go pick her up and carry her deeper into the beach b/c she would not get up!


This picture is pre-biting it. Not sure what happened, but she ended up belly down in the wet sand as the water was just beginning to retreat. She FLIPPED out. I think it was due to several reasons- 1. Missed nap. 2. SUPER loud waves and 3. Missed nap. But she loved the water right up until this point :).


Tenley’s first time to the beach, er, shore…

hahaha, just noticed that the following picture is “the fall” in action



Heather Manifold said...

Philly people call it the "shore" too.....Growing up we went "down to the shore" :) (

What beach did you go to?! Go to Stone Harbor & get a Hoy's water ice for me!!!!!!!!!!!! Then go to #5 101st street and give our old house a kiss :)

Love that place.... :)

So glad Hannah Gray loved it too!

Joni said...

will do! we went down to the boardwalk, Jenkin's (or something that sounds like that). I would like to check out Stone Harbor.