Monday, February 23, 2009

Nana and Papa Visit

This is really a late post, but we had some fun pictures from the weekend with Nana and Papa! We had our first Maryland Blue Crab eating experience at a local place nestled right on the water (in the summer, boats dock outside and come right on into the restaraunt). We also made a trip into DC and made a visit to the Holocaust Museum. If you've never been, you really should go. Everyone needs to experience this place at least once in their lives. Hannah Gray did pretty well, but was so tired and refused to go to sleep in her stroller. So Daddy took her to the end and she fell fast asleep right there on the bench! We took Nana and Papa to the City Dock and took some more pictures there. Hopefully next time they come visit, it will be warmer!!

sick baby

I mentioned that Hannah Gray had been sick a few days ago. She's finally doing much better. But we took some pictures while she was sick. We put in a Praise Baby video for her to watch because she didn't feel like doing anything. The video brough some smiles and even a couple giggles. It was Valentine's Day and Ethan had made dinner for me. So we propped her up so she could watch a video while we ate. Ethan put some pillows next to her just so she didn't tip (she was just so lethargic), and this is what she did... it was so pathetic and sweet.

The Oscars!

Last night we went over to a friend's house for an Oscar's party. We were all supposed to dress up (just a little bit or all out), so we dressed Hannah Gray up as Kung Fu Panda. Ethan had the great idea of getting some black fabric for a headband and another piece for the waist. When Ethan put on the head piece, Gray just started giggling and jumping up and down. She thought she was pretty hilarious. We didn't think she'd like it or even leave it on. But she left it on the whole night and seem to thoroughly enjoy it. She also carried around a Panda that she got for Christmas from Uncle Keith, Aunt Sarah and the kiddos. She had a grib on that almost all night at the party. Here are some pictures from the night.

Friday, February 20, 2009

what a difference a few months make

When I took her 8 month old picturs, I put her on the couch for a picture like we used to take a lot. I couldn't believe how different she looked sitting there. So I went back and found a couple early pictures sitting on the couch and then compared them to her 8 month old pictures. Crazy!!! I try to take her monthly pictures on the same blanket with some type of reference, but this really did some justice. Anyway, here they are!

(not sure what to title this...)

Here are some recent pictures that I just thought would be worth posting...

The one of her laying back on her boppy pillow needs some explaining. When I put her down on the floor to play, I always put a pillow or something soft behind her, just in case she tips (ask me how I learned that one...). Anyway, she fell back and that's how she landed and continued to play for quite some time. It was pretty amusing.

Fun in the sun!

We've had a great run of some warmer, sunny days. We decided to take Tanner to the park last week and he had such a great time that I wanted Ethan to go back with us. Tanner wasn't really sure what to make of the water at first (esp since it moved in waves), but he eventually made his way in and LOVED it! Hannah Gray just squeeled with delight watching him from her stroller.


It's been a long time since we posted last! Oops! This week has been more than an eventful one... it started off with Hannah Gray getting sick on Valentine's Day. She woke up with a 103. 5+ fever that stayed there all day and through Sunday. By Monday it finally dropped a bit, but then she started with a horrible cough. Poor kiddo, every time she'd sneeze, she had a Bumble Yum type of bubble out of at least one nostril. Thankfully, she was able to sleep fairly well, at least all things considered.

Mimi came for a visit on Monday, and thank goodness she was here this week!!! It as so nice to have some extra hands to help with Hannah Gray and to just give me a bit of a break too! And on Tuesday, we came back from running some errands to find about 2 inches of water in our basement. There was water just spewing out of a tank and I couldn't seem to stop it. Finally, we got it to stop and Ethan came home from work a little early to begin the clean up process. We have about 6-7 fans and a couple of HUGE dehumidifiers down in the basement now. The water ran from the unfinished part under the carpet (in the padding), under baseboards into the finished part of the basement. So all the carpet had to be ripped up and taken out.
We had to have a windshield repaired this week as well as a few other minor emergencies. It's been crazy!! But in the midst of it all, we took Hannah Gray's 8 month old pictures.