Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lake fun!

On Saturday we were invited to join some people at church for their small group's summer outing. The lake was about an hour away from our house and it was awesome. All the houses were right on the water so they all had their own little docks. The home was built back in the '50s by family and has stayed in the family since. They had an awesome Ski Natique (my favorite!) with tons of tubs, a sailboat and kayaks. We had a great time meeting people and we really enjoyed everyone. We look forward to getting to know these couples more. There are 4 other couples with kids, so that was really fun as well.

Hannah Gray loved the boat, but not the life vest so much. She was SO tired and just fought it ALL day long b/c she was having so much fun! She finally conked out on the boat while I was skiing and she was SO hard to wake up! She slept til almost 8 the next morning!! Here are some pictures from the day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A lesson learned

Well, it happened to me today. We came home from the gym and Hannah Gray was so tired that I debated whether or not to even change her diaper before I put her down for a nap (usually I don't, but I could tell she was wet). So I changed her diaper and in an effort to be quick and get her down right away, I didn't put her bloomer thingy back on underneather her little dress. I figured, "she has casual summer dresses that don't have any bloomer things and she's fine". Well, I was wrong. She woke up and I went to go get her and this is what I found...

And in case you can't tell, that's her green diaper to her right (our left) and she's most definitely sitting on a wet sheet...

So we just got home from the pool and she just had her diaper and a cover up on, so what did I do? I took her cover up dress off and put a onesie on her. There. Lesson learned. It could have been worse...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hannah Gray's new room

Here are some pictures of Hannah Gray playing in her new room. She loves crawling through the little tunnel on this toy and sitting and "reading" her books!

NYC with Beth!

My high school friend Beth was in NYC this last weekend to visit her little sister who is here for the summer. Ethan, Hannah Gray and I went into the city to see her. We had a great time catching up. She's expecting a little girl in Sept!! More friends for Hannah Gray! While we were walking around, Hannah Gray fell asleep in her stroller with her legs up (sorry the pic is fuzzy, we were moving and didn't want to wake her by stopping). It was too funny and so many people stopped and laughed when they saw her.

worth a try!

So I discovered that there are life jackets at the pool! I figured it would be worth a try if it would make it easier to keep a wiggling, excited baby in my arms in the deep water. Despite how uncomfortable she looks, I don't think she minded it too much. Especially after a snack of her favorite cereal (see left!!).

Just a random picture of her relaxing with Daddy out back. He had her for his first full day while I was in NYC with my college friend Tara who came to visit over the 4th of July.


She loves her bubbles! Or at least chewing the wand. She's learned to "blow" on hot food and I think is working on bubbles now!

A stroll around town and plantains

Hannah Gray, Tanner and I went out around town last week and when we made it back, she was passed out! She was so tired and hot. I thought these pictures were too cute to not put up.

Later that day, I decided to try a new recipe and I needed to run to the store for some plantains. Hannah Gray loves to carry stuff for us, so I gave her the fruit to hold onto. She carried them in the most awkward, arm twisting way through the entire store and out to the car. She was so excited by them (I think she thought the were just regular bananas) that I let her hold onto them on the way home. I tried this once before with bananas and caught her gnawing through the peel!!! So gross. But I figured that the plantains with a much thicker and tougher skin would be safe and she's stopped putting everything in her mouth since then. I was so wrong. We got home and she practically had the tip of the one plantain gone! So I put her on the couch and took a picture of her with he beloved plantains.

2 and then 5!

This post is a little out of order, but oh well. Need to get over some perfectionism, i guess. Anyway, Hannah Gray took her first steps last week! Thursday afternoon she took two steps all on her own. Then later that night she took at least five, almost the whole way across the kitchen! She will do it still, but if she's took excited to get somewhere, she'll drop to her knees and take off. But things are going to get crazy around here quickly!! :). I don't have any pictures or videos yet.


I tried a new recipe last week for frozen vanilla pudding pops and thought Hannah Gray would enjoy it, especially on such sore gums (notice the tear streak down her cheek...). I thought she would tear into it, but I think she was a little confused by something so cold and hard.

Visit from Nana and Papa!

Nana and Papa drove out to see us last weekend and we had a great time with them. We took a trip to the beach (you can see NYC skyline in the background) and let Hannah Gray play in the water a bit. Papa also made a really great toybox for Hannah Gray's 1st birthday, so you can see a picture of it here too. We had a lot of fun and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Daddy found a shell for Hannah Gray to play with and she held onto it the entire way home. It was her latest prized possession. We made a stop the other day at the mall and Daddy handed it to her to carry. Then she dropped it on the floor in the middle of JCrew and it shattered in tons of pieces! We quickly tried to kick the evidence away and divert her attention to avoid the tears!!

New lens!

Ethan got a new camera lens for his birthday and we had fun getting some really clear pictures with the quality of the new lens. Our pictures have been grainy for quite some time, so this was exciting for us. Here are a couple fun ones. We have discovered that Hannah Gray loves these spinach filled raviolis! It's a nice, easy meal to give her that's a break for me too!

Chinese Food

We did carry out another night before our kitchen was done and ordered Chinese food from a place around the corner (actually, during the pick up the BIGGEST and fastest storm I have seen in a long time hit and we had hail the size of marbles. It was crazy!). Here is Hannah Gray enjoying her Moo Shoo Chicken. You can't really see it in the pictures, but she had cabbage pieces stuck to her everywhere, including the tip of her nose! So cute!!

In the sink!

Our bathroom had a new tub put in it which is awesome, but it wasn't ready until about a week after we moved in. So Hannah Gray enjoyed her baths in the kitchen sink for a few days. She didn't really seem to mind, but it was hard to keep her quick hands away from all the kitchen things! And a cute one of her playing. She loves Tanner's crate. Not sure what it is about it...