Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lake Tahoe with Uncle Ben and Aunt Jaime

Uncle Ben and Aunt Jaime came out for a visit at the end of February and we were able to join them up at Lake Tahoe for a couple days of skiing. Plans changed a bit when Tenley got hit with the 12 hr stomach virus, but she rallied well and Hannah Gray got to have a special date with Aunt Jaime.

Here are some pics and video from Hannah Gray’s day on the slopes


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tenley’s 1st Trip to the Dentist

Tenley has been to the dentist before, but literally freaked out and wouldn’t get in the chair. Granted she was about 1… but this was a different story entirely. After watching brave and mature big sister go, Tenley couldn’t wait for her turn. It was like Hannah Gray was 16, just watching her do her thing!



Sparkly teeth (or “fwarkly” as HG says. )

kite flying fun

Ethan got a super fun kite for Christmas and has been waiting for a day where he is both a) home and b) it’s windy enough. We finally had a sliver of time together between his travels where the weather was perfect. The girls loved it and we look forward to doing it again!




Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tenley, our reader

Tenley will just disappear sometimes and this re she had settled in with one oftener ha Stewart Living magazines. I think she really likes all the flowers and colors.

Santa, I mean Hannah Gray

Hannah Gray has been all about giving some of her favorite or at least recent favorites away to her sister. It's like she is getting the idea of the joy of giving. So last night we went out to celebrate her and she had one more gift to give Tenley. Her other favorite thing is to wrap the presents which I was able to convince her that grocery bags colored by her is WAY better than wrapping paper...
The next picture is while she was waiting for Tenley to open the present and she got all embarrassed. :)