Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girls’ Day Out

I knew before Tenley arrived that Hannah Gray and I just have to get out of the house sometime in the morning, or else it can just become a difficult day. Since Tenley has arrived, it’s been a little harder to get out- HG and I used to just go to they gym, but I can’t take Tenley with me until she’s 12 weeks old. So to avoid the Wicked Witch (me that is) showing up at our house, I’ve tried to have activity ideas to do during the week. So last week we took some returns back to the mall (which this is a big outing as it’s 30 minutes away and probably the LEAST kid friendly place you’ve ever been to). We did our returns, went into several stores to browse and then finished the afternoon with a treat from Starbucks. It felt so great to get out and have a bit of normalcy as it’s becoming a little easier to figure things out with 2 kiddos now. Here’s Hannah Gray enjoying her treat.


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