Sunday, June 20, 2010


God has been SO good to us! Here is a crazy story that only He could orchestrate…

So Ethan, the girls and I headed to Annapolis to visit our friends Josh and Heather and their boys. We went downtown to walk around the water, get lunch and let the kids run around. We had lunch and then hit the town where Heather and I ran into a little pottery shop and sent the boys and the kids up to the shop we had on our list to see next, a local girl’s surf shop. Heather and I did our thing and ran up the street to find the guys. We headed in the surf shop so I could see if I could find something I was looking for for Hannah Gray. We walked in and were browsing this tensie tiny shop and I about walked into this guy (which it’s a girly surf shop where boys don’t really walk in there on their own) that looked strangely familiar. I just about immediately recognized him as a college girlfriend’s newish husband that I had only seen pictures of on Facebook. No, I am not a facebook stalker although I did feel a little creepy. Maybe I should explain the nature of this friendship a bit first. I went to Asbury College, a small Christian school in Kentucky for my freshman year. I had some amazing girlfriends there but really felt led to transfer to Miami, which I did. But while I was there, I had an amazing friendship with Jamie. We were very similar and different at the same time, but it was the type of friendship where I didn’t feel the need to fully explain myself (thoughts, reactions, humor, etc) because she already knew. I could say or do just about anything and I felt like it was always received in it’s purest form, like she knew exactly what I intended to communicate, oftentimes without even saying anything. We had a dynamic connection the flag football field as my #1 receiver too, which was super fun. The flea flicker always worked as she had a hidden arm no one really knew about. That play only worked a couple times as the word about her arm spread…

But as we went through college, we drifted and hadn’t really spoken past graduation. We reconnected on facebook and I had learned of her engagement and that she was in Washington, D.C and we were living in Annapolis at the time. We were super excited to reconnect, but our brief 6 months in Annapolis were largely over the Thanksgiving and Christmas season making it difficult to work something out. Then we realized we were moving and I was busy packing again. I was very disappointed that we never had the chance to see each other and meet each other’s new families.

So here we were, in the surf shop. I think I recognize this guy. I run up to Heather, grab her arm and whisper, “I think I totally recognize that dude as a friend from college’s new husband that I’ve never actually met. Just seen pictures on facebook. Do I say something or is that totally creepy and facebook stalkerish??!!” “Yeah, go say something!” Heather encouraged me, so I did.

“Um, hi. This is really strange, but are you by any chance… do you know a Jamie Corbett…??”. Received by a somewhat blank stare and what seemed like a long moment of silence. I started to break the silence as I could see that he was wondering if this was somewhat of a dangerous, is this person supposed to know my wife? Do I recognize this person? I began to explain that I knew Jamie from college as he began to say “Yeah, that’s my wife”. Then he broke into a big grin and said, “she’ll be here in like 5 minutes! We’re staying in the hotel across the street, we’re in town for a wedding and she’s coming to meet me here”. But that was interrupted with what seemed like a movie moment. My back was to the door as Michael was facing the door. Jamie walked in, seeing Michael talking to me as I turned and it was like the store went silent as Jamie yelled in excitement and threw open her arms. The scene was really probably pretty hilarious with all the other customers wondering what the heck was going on. We had a chance to get over our shock and excitement when I finally said, “want to meet my family??” So I got to introduce Jamie to Ethan and the girls and Josh and Heather. We all chatted out on the sidewalk meeting each other and having a catch up on life. All 3 families have an amazing amount in common. So fun!

Jamie and Michael had been following our blog (hi guys!) so they knew a good bit about what we’re up to with Peak 7 and actually have a connection to the ministry as well. So super fun to have our worlds collide! We fully expect to see you guys out here in WA for a visit soon! What a great day- spent the day with some very, very close and dear friends and had a happy surprise of a friend from a long time ago that was as though time hadn’t passed at all. As soon as I walked out the door with Jamie and I said, “Ethan, this is Jamie!” it was like it all clicked. He knew exactly who I was talking about as I have talked of Jamie often and always said, “if you could just meet her, you’d love her!”.

God is totally in the details and I feel like this story should end with “to be continued…” :) P6190029 P6190028

Ethan’s Bday

Ethan turned “28” again on Wednesday. We actually did his bday dinner on Tuesday night and I was able to get a few pictures, but it’s a bit harder with a little one in one hand… :)

stylus HG bday (5)


Ethan and his girls


i know, crayon candles. Real masculine, right? :)

Like Family

On Friday, we loaded up and headed to Annapolis to visit our sweet friends Heather and Josh and their two boys, Finlay and Laird. We’ve been within an easy drive of them since we moved to Westfield, so we wanted to take one last advantage of the drive before we moved. It was such a sweet, refreshing time with some incredible friends. We are so blessed to have met them and it was not a good-bye but rather we’ll see you soon. We had been on more of a 6 month rotation since we moved, seeing them over the summer and then again at Christmas. So that’s how we left it, see you at Christmas.

We had a great, hot day in beautiful Annapolis where we walked around downtown (reunited with a college friend- what a CRAZY story and one that I’ll write about later), had amazing crepes for lunch, ice cream, watched across the country bikers finish their trek by jumping in the harbor and then headed home where the kids ran around playing like brother/sister in the sprinkler, had a great dinner, toast, and a surprise little bday party for Hannah Gray. Heather made delicious cupcakes decorated with cute little flowers for our little girl, balloons and a couple gifts that Hannah Gray was more than excited about- perfect for our long car ride!

We will miss these friends more than words can express, but as I said, it’s not good-bye, but see you soon!

P6190020 P6190025

Ethan with the sleeping babies, Laird and Tenley


Those of us that were awake ;) . (Hannah Gray is eyeing my “eyes” in this picture. In the picture that followed, she’s got a firm grip on them smiling)

Watching Josh while we were signing Happy Birthday- she felt so special!



Tenley was wiped out.

We actually didn’t get many photos because Josh and Heather are such great photographers, we let them take the shots and we got some video… I will post more pics of all the kids later. The kids crashed in their strollers walking around and then they were running around having an absolute ball that it was actually more difficult to get some pictures! :) So fun!

Here’s a video of a game Finlay and HG were playing. Typical boy chase girl, girl runs away… pretty funny :)

More of Hannah Gray’s bday


Puppy pancakes for breakfast



opening her bday tshirt

IMG_0938 IMG_0949


Daddy brought balloons home for our bday girl


so excited!


bday cupcakes


a bike tshirt to go with her strider bike that’s also pink


homemade pizza for dinner


a chick cupcake! I should mention that we each took a different animal. Of which Hannah Gray then asked for to each the chocolate off. So I think she ate the chocolate faces off each one, then returned to her chick. :)


P6090029 P6110053 P6110059



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tenley is 2 months old!



IMG_0994 IMG_0998

She is very responsive and LOVES to be talked to! She’ll talk back and smile just about every time. I think she’s going to be our little social one!

It really was too quiet…


So we’ve been packing. Trying to at least. I had Hannah Gray play in her room for some “quiet play” and she’s usually pretty good at it, but I will hear sporadic, “Momma? Momma? MOMMA?” as it gets progressively louder. A simple, “Yes baby girl?” and an explanation such as, “Momma is finishing xyz, I’ll be up in a minute” works. Well, I didn’t hear any calls from behind a baby gate, so I let her play “peacefully”. After a couple persistent calls, I went upstairs to get her and the above picture is what I found. Her entire dresser and closet were emptied and scattered, toy box empties and not sure if you can tell in the picture or not, but the blurred little girl on the escape doesn’t have shorts or a diaper on. So you guessed it, she also peed on the floor. So all that stuff from the closet and dresser, yep, had to be washed too. Like I said, too quiet…

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hannah Gray is 2!


P6110061(rev 0) actual birth day

dsc_0397-4(rev 0) img_0649-3(rev 0) dsc_0403-4(rev 0) 1st bday

IMG_0939 2 yrs!!

Wow, where have the last 2 years gone?? Seems like yesterday I was holding this tiny little 6 lb, 12 oz baby with a black hairline to her eyebrows. And now I watch her hold her baby sister, put her own shoes on and she can carry on a conversation (somewhat) with me! She’s changed so much. I think one of my favorite parts about watching my kids grow is that changing face silhouette. As the newborn starts to fill out, the cheeks grow and the nose is only this little bump. Then the infant to toddler stage, those huge round cheeks and the neck begins to appear. Now, she’s entering into her “big kid” stage and loosing those big  cheeks and baby rolls. I don’t think I ever really understood how fast it does go by.

So what is she up to now that’s she 2? This morning, she loved the puppy pancakes to begin the celebrating!

She began to really parrot us back in February, and we began to really understand her beyond her sign language.

She still LOVES her dogs/puppies but is now really into “choo choo’s” as she hears them at the train station.

She loves animals and especially barn animals (hence chick, duck, cow and pig cupcakes for dessert tonight).

She’s beginning to combine words and uses her manners (she, completely on her own, said “cuse me” to a somewhat rude little girl blocking the stairs to the playground. I about melted! :) ).

LOVES to hold Tenley and can get me burp cloths, diapers and a change of clothes for Tenley.

Is  just about ready to be potty trained.

New favorite phrase- “ready…set… GO!!!!” (or “one, two, THREE!!!”)

Favorite character/show- Curious George (“gee”) and Elmo (“melmo”)

LOVES to swing (“wee”) and go down the slide" (“lide”) at the playground.

LOVES water, no matter how cold it is.

But most of all, I can see this extremely sensitive and sweet spirit rising out of a  little girl that has no fear with a huge sense of adventure. We pray that God uses these qualities to serve Him in big ways and that she would always hear Him as He whispers “this way…”. I love to hear her ask for her “ible” (Bible) every night and pray that she always drink deeply.

I will post more of the 2nd bday pics as we celebrate tonight!


DSC_0278-1(rev 0)

We could not be more excited to announce a huge change in the Petro house… Ethan accepted a position at a ministry in… SEATTLE, WA!! “What?!” you may be asking, “you just moved to NJ!”. You’re right, we did! But the story that’s been unfolding in our lives even before we existed as Team Petro is absolutely littered with the fingerprints of God at work. Let me explain, and be warned, it’s a long story…

Ethan and I both have tried to move out west, specifically to Colorado as singles. And the opportunities we had either didn’t pan out or we just didn’t feel like it was the right decision at the time. In high school, I began to really discover a love for outdoor adventure sports like hiking, mt biking, etc. And it was the same for Ethan as well. Jump to college and we discovered it was a passion. I led Young Life and absolutely LOVED the camp life. I worked for a summer in British Columbia on the coast, driving ski boats and teaching kids how to waterski, wakeboard, etc. It was there I realized I could do this the rest of my life. The scenery was gorgeous, wildlife unbelievable and I saw God work in huge ways.

I think we would both say that we knew someday we’d end up out west, specifically Colorado and those that know us well figured it was probably only a matter of time. This fall though, we can see where God began to work on our hearts, big time. Ethan read a book while we were away on a babymoon to Puerto Rico about making Godly decisions and pursuing passions, dreams, etc. We both decided that if we were passionate about getting out west, believing that it was a God given passion, then we should pursue it. So began a search for a business to purchase. We started in Colorado and realized that we didn’t want to be over 2 hrs away from a main city for zoos and things like that so we could be at the edge of  the mountains. And we wanted to be close to water. For whatever reason, we both and neither of us having been before, began to consider Montana. In November, we put an offer in on an outfitting business as we dreamed long term of turning it into some type of Christian ministry/retreat center/camp for families, kids, and other groups. We didn’t really have a clear picture as we felt like God was still painting it for us. The offer did not go through, but what it did for us was made  us consider a part of the country we had not previously considered.

We then decided that maybe it was wise to find a job with a salary and to get a feel for the business climate and then look to purchase something once we were already there. That led to an option in Spokane, WA. Washington? Mmm, we hadn’t thought about it, but we had looked into western Idaho (yes, there are more things than potatoes there), MT and why not eastern WA? Gorgeous mountains, great weather, incredible nat’l parks there, mt biking, white water kayaking, etc. The recreational opportunities were endless and there were a ton of great churches and schools out there. Ethan had spotted an irrigation opportunity in Spokane, so he decided to send in his resume just to see what would happen. We both love the Seattle and British Columbia area as we both have spent a decent amount of time there.

So in the meantime, I had been thinking about a friend that I had played club soccer with back in high school. We only played together for a little bit before an injury took her out of the season, but we had hit it off and would see each other randomly over summer breaks from college. Sometime that week, a friend of mine at home in Cincinnati had posted some old Young Life pictures and I happened to notice my old teammate in a picture. How random was that? So I “friended” her on facebook. So when Ethan mentioned Spokane, I remembered that my newly found teammate was actually living in Spokane! I asked Ethan what ministry opportunities were around the Spokane area whether it was YL or an outdoor ministry. He searched and came up with what appeared to be an incredible ministry that was based out of Spokane that takes groups and at risk kids from the Spokane area outdoors backpacking, climbing and rafting to encourage them and share Jesus with them. So cool! That’s what we’ve always wanted to do, be guides!

So later that night, Ethan is completely enthralled with this ministry and going through their website. I happened to look over his shoulder as he’s looking at pictures of their trips and I see my new fb friend/old teammate in the pictures!! I could not believe it. I think I scared Ethan as I yelled, “that’s Loran!!!” Now, he had no idea who I was talking about as I hadn’t told him about my newly found friend or that she was from Spokane. I told Ethan about her and I could ask her about the area and what she thought of it, etc. We ended up talking on the phone the next night for close to an hour as though no time had passed. It was great!

The next day or so, Ethan was again looking at the website, excited that if we were in Spokane, this could totally be a great fit for us ministry wise as this was the very reason we wanted to get out west. He happened to notice that they were expanding the ministry by starting a branch in Seattle and they actually had a job description posted. He showed me with a little grin on his face that I can tell when he’s up to something. And I have never read something that so described my husband from his business experience, his passions/skill sets and his character and love for Jesus. I told him he had to apply. He sent in his resume.

The next day we found out that the position in Spokane had been filled. Scratch Spokane. About a week later we headed to the mountains for a little last minute hiking and snow shoeing before li’l petro arrived and we had poor cell phone reception. We were so excited about the possibility of Seattle but our hopes were beginning to wane as it had been about a week with no response since he sent his resume in. We got home and were greeted by a very excited little girl when Ethan realized he had unnoticed voicemails, one of which was a board member from the ministry in Seattle. They wanted to phone interview him, and wanted to do it asap. We were both choked up- we knew God was moving. So the next night, Ethan interviewed and it was made clear to him he was on to round 2. Things appeared to be going very quickly before they were abruptly halted for quite some time. Between their interview process with other candidates and then the pending arrival of li’l Petro, it seemed like an eternity and the possibility of us taking the position and moving seemed less and less likely. Which was disappointing on one hand and a bit of relief on the other- we have a great small group here in NJ and had felt like our friendships had gone to another level with them, we were waiting for li’l Petro to arrive and had friends that cared for us like family anxiously awaiting the arrival with us and felt like maybe this was God asking us if we trusted Him enough with our dreams to say no to this Seattle opportunity, to trust that he would bring another opportunity for us later.

Wow. Seriously God? You want us to say no, after all of this? We began to pray that God would make it abundantly clear where we should be. That He would work out all the details, primarily with figuring out a salary that could support a family of 4 in a very expensive part of the country. Where is the line between wisdom and taking a risk? Ethan would be leaving a job he really likes here, salary and opportunity for growth are tremendous, but knowing that he didn’t want to be in irrigation for the rest of his life. Would God bring something else along sooner than later, or would we be talking about doing this for our “retirement”? But God, NOW seems like the best time- with kids to enjoy your creation, to be in ministry as a family, to live a simpler life… We have always said we want us kids to know what’s out there, to know what life is like outside of their suburban bubble, but that’s more for another post…Ethan was ready to withdraw his name from the process when God began to work in Ethan’s heart in huge ways. I literally saw God change Ethan’s heart to show him that balance of wisdom and faith and risk. The funny thing is, these passions and dreams weren’t ours, they were God’s to begin with. He’s the one who put them in us to start with. Why would we worry about when or how if we truly believed that this is what God had in store for us? So Ethan hung in there to finish the interviewing process and to see where God would lead us. I think we both felt like if the job was offered, then that was it. It was decided.

So over Memorial Day weekend, we took Ethan to the airport. I admit, I was jealous he got to go. We didn’t have arrangements for Hannah Gray and Tenley was just over a month old. Then there was a part of me that was really nervous about being alone for 4 days with a 5 week old and a toddler. I’m still new at this mom of two thing. Heck, by 5:00 I am MORE than ready for some help from my amazing hubby! :) This was the first time we had been in an interview process and I didn’t go with him to get a “feel” for the opportunity. We both believe that God uses discernment as one way to speak to us. Ethan needed to be the eyes and ears for both of us, so I know he was a little nervous about it as well. Ethan was participating in a super fun race that took participants from the mountains all the way to the ocean (hence the name Ski to Sea). It was a relay that used cross country skiing, downhill skiing, mt biking, canoeing, kayaking, running and… I think that’s it. Oh, and road biking too. And let’s be honest, I wanted to participate too! :)

I only had two chances to talk to him. The first was basically hi and I’m here as he had poor cell reception and wasn’t really in a place where he could talk to me anyway about how he was feeling about things. The second time came Sunday morning while he was waiting for his leg of the race to begin (it’s like an 8 hr race). And he was beyond excited. I could hear it in his voice. He knew what our concerns had been going into the weekend and every single one of them had been addressed and put at ease. The sense of community was amazing, he felt a connection with everyone he’d be working with, personalities for working and doing ministry together were a match and it was beautiful out there. And they were excited to meet him as well and the feelings seemed mutual.

I hung up the phone holding both my girls as tears began to fill my eyes. I think I knew then that we were going. They were good tears. Let’s be honest here, I’m not much of a cryer. I’m not a rock hard person, it just takes a bit more to get to me sometimes. But when the Holy Spirit is moving, I cry. When Ethan and I were dating, there were times where we’d be talking about deep stuff and I’d start to cry. The expression on his face was a mix of “oh no, what’s going on?” and “I’m sorry?” and “oh, please stop, it’s hard to see you upset”. So he’s familiar with this type of cry (and it’s not the ugly cry like I mentioned in my good bye entry). It happened when we interviewed in Annapolis. I prayed that if they wanted him for that job and that’s where we' were supposed to be that they would offer him the job on the spot (something that’s unlikely for a company to do). And they did. I cried and not from sadness.

I’d cry in leaders’ meetings when I’d take kids to Young Life camp. You could sense God moving, and He moved me to tears. So anyway, back to the story. I knew sitting with both girls in my lap that we were going to Seattle.

We picked Ethan up from the airport Monday morning of Memorial Day weekend and he was exhausted- in a good way. In fact, he was still muddy from the mt biking part of the race. He hadn’t even had a chance to shower yet. Gross. :) But I didn’t care. I wanted to hear everything about the weekend in detail. We got a call Monday night from Seattle saying they were doing a couple things on their end and we would hear soon. Then the call came on Thursday. They offered him the job. Was there really anything else to consider? We had our family, friends and small group here praying for us that it would be a clear and decisive weekend for us and that if we weren’t supposed to take the position, that it wouldn’t be offered or that we’d have some huge factor make itself apparent in the week after he came back. We received nothing but encouragement to go.

SO, we’re going! We’re leaving NJ on Wed, June 30th and actually driving east to the Atlantic Ocean where we’ll get a family photo in the ocean and we’ll finish in Seattle, WA with a family photo in the Pacific Ocean around Wed, July 15th.

Please be praying for logistical details regarding the move and housing and safe travels for us. As well as sanity for the kiddos. Maybe they’ll just be sleepier than they ever have been in their entire lives…??? We’re actually super excited about the cross country venture as we’ll be breaking the trip up with visits to friends and family along the way. Our longest driving day will at this point be between MN and Mt. Rushmore in SD at just under 10 hrs. 

We plan to keep up the blog with pictures as we go along, but I guess that depends on our access to the internet. But we will do our best to document the trip.

Sorry for the length of this post, but I didn’t want to leave out the tiny details, because that’s where I find it amazing to see God at work, in the small details. As Oswald Chambers said, “God shows His amazing love for us not so much through his BIG blessing, but by the tiny ones, because they show His amazing intimacy with us”. We serve a huge and powerful God, but an intimate one as well.

 DSC_0029-2(rev 0)

This is us on the ferry from Seattle to British Columbia right after we found out we were expecting Hannah Gray…

DSC_0018-2(rev 0)

Here is the website of the ministry we’ll be working for-

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our First Family Goodbye

Well, yesterday was a pretty horrible day to be completely honest. It was the date to take our buddy to the golden retriever rescue. We decided probably about a month ago (shortly after Tenley was born) that it was time to turn Tanner over to a rescue that could help him. Since around Christmas, he had become more and more motivated by food and sometimes aggressive around it, in particularly with Hannah Gray. Then we had a couple instances where it was unprovoked. Kids and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly and Tanner and Hannah Gray were more like white on rice. She loved him and he loved her. She was just fine with getting bumped by him when he was excited and he was okay with the constant kisses to his nose.

Ethan came home early yesterday (around 3:30, this becomes important later) and I had Tanner’s stuff all packed up, but not without dehydrating myself from tears. We loaded him and the kids up and they were both so excited to be apparently taking a trip somewhere fun. Well, we finally arrived at 6:30 thanks to traffic (we were supposed to be there around 5:30) and Hannah Gray could see the resort like run as we rounded the corner. She saw a couple dogs out running and burst into a joyous, elated “YAAAYYYY!!!”. It was like we were taking her to Disney. I lost it, absolutely burst into a heaping sob, an ugly cry you might call it. “She has NO idea what’s happening and she thinks we’re going someplace fun that has dogs! She has no idea that we’re taking hers from her!”.

We were greeted by the staff and went over all his history and why we were unfortunately there. Hannah Gray was mesmerized by the other dogs there and we asked how they qualify people who want to adopt. We were pleased with their answers and we wrangled Hannah Gray back to give Tanner kisses and try to get a picture. I have video of her with Tanner in the car b/c I LOVE the way she talked to him and we have only bits and pieces of it on film. The way she would call him to her,  “OM, OM” as she bent over patting her knees with a smile that reached up from her toes. “IT, IT” when she wanted to give him a treat with her little pointer finger out. Her little wave with that incredibly awkward and adorable wrist action as she looked over her shoulder to wave goodbye on our way out in the mornings. And that was always accompanied by “bye bud”.

So we handed the leash to the staff lady, we all had one last tearful hug with him and we turned to walk to the car. That’s when it happened. Hannah Gray went ballistic. I had to just hold the back of her head into my shoulder as she reached and lunged over my shoulder back to Tanner, screaming “NO NO NO”. The ugly tears came back and I know Ethan was crying again too. This was the part I had dreaded for so long. But amazingly enough, as I buckled her in her car seat, her chest stopped heaving and the tears slowed, then stopped and with swollen flooded eyes, she looked up at me, but her fingers to her mouth and earnestly said, “eat? eat?”. Okay, we’re good now.

We hit the road and tried to find something to eat in this podunk town. We managed to find a Chik-Fil-A (when isn’t that good for the soul?) and stop there for dinner a little after 7. We got back on the highway headed for home with an arrival time of 9:30. Then the traffic, oh we hit traffic. Dang road construction. Our ETA grew from 9:30, to 10, to 10:30 and finally 11:15. It was truly the trip that would never end. Ethan and I enjoyed reminiscing about when we first brought him home with us- how he had not been a car before and how much he loved his car rides now. How he used to be scared of the water, no he loved to swim. How much he loved a good hike and what a puff ball he was when we first got him. His quirky howling in the middle of the night sometimes, how he used to be scared of the TV, the way he slept under our babies beds. What a good boy. He went through a lot of change with us- 2 moves in Cincinnati, welcomed two kids and had a move to Annapolis and New Jersey.

Before we left, I vacuumed the hair off his bed the best I could. I had to fight him with the vacuum to keep him off so I could sweep it. He just wanted to lay on his bed right in the middle of the floor. Kind of like he planted himself in our lives- right in the middle. I have been annoyed with the absolutely incredible amount of hair as it’s become Sahara hot here the last couple weeks and I look at it a bit differently now. It’s kind of like a kid’s dirty shirt at the end of the day. It’s a sign of happiness, love and a lot of fun. It may not be the cleanest thing and require some work, but is there anything that’s really worth it that doesn’t cause a little bit of work? With that hair came lots of snuggling, love, wet kisses, great memories an extremely happy 2 year old and very clean floors.

I have lost pets before, but this is different. It’s different when you feel like you’re abandoning them, that’s it’s not an issue of seeing their health decline. It’s constant second guessing yourself and wondering, “would it really happen again? He adores the kids, he would never hurt them”, but can I really say that with the absolute, upmost confidence? I just hopes he always felt loved and gets picked by a family that loves him as much as we did.

Here’s a look back at the time with our buddy


This was our moving day, I think he was thinking we were leaving without him.


I loved his sleeping face


family picture


Some people used stuff animals to show their kid’s growth progress. Nope, we just used Tanner


P8050001(rev 0) P7210099(rev 1)

He always looked out for her. Snuggling next to the crib and rocker

p4050325-1(rev 0)

He was such a great hiker

P3080172(rev 0)

Enjoying the blizzard in Cincinnati

P3010078(rev 0) 

Looking regal at the dog park

DSC_0693-3(rev 0)

pretty boy


At the dog beach in Annapolis.

our last family car ride together