Friday, June 27, 2008

Sweet Hannah Girl

Ethan's mom came out for a visit for a few days and it was so great to have an extra set of hands around. I know Hannah enjoyed it for sure! Here are just some random pictures that I thought were cute.

The last picture is of Hanny Gray in her bouncy seat. Until yesterday, I've just laid her in her seat and she's fine. Well, somehow she's managed to wiggle completely sideways in the bottom part of her seat. I guess I'll be using that little seatbelt strap now...

Second Time's the Charm

Here is Hannah Gray's second bath and it went over MUCH better than the first. I'd venture to say that she actually enjoyed this one in it's entirety. We were even able to give her her faux hawk...

More Friends and Family!

My cousin Chellee and her kids, Courtney and David, came for a visit earlier this week. Here they are meeting their new little cousin.

We have been extremely blessed by friends making and delivering dinners for us and I've tried to get pictures of Hannah meeting our friends. So here are a few...

Foot prints!

We were given this great baby gift that's a set of three frames marked with "newborn", "6 months" and then finally "one year". The frames came with an ink pad and it's intended to make footprints/handprints. We wish we would have done them a little earlier, but 10 days old is still newborn, right? So here she is getting all inked up... (and go 'hawks!)

Fun random pics

We have read (Happiest Baby on the Block has proven to be a very helpful book) that when babies are fussing, to hold them on their sides and sure enough, it's worked! Ethan is trying the hold out in this picture. I have been told that baby gowns are incredible pieces of clothing to put on your child that it makes life so much easier. I have found that once on, they are indeed helpful. However, it's getting them on that's the difficult part! I think we're finally beginning to get the hang of it.

Funny faces and Great Bedhead

Ethan loves to blow in Hannah's face because her eyes get absolutely huge (as though she's on a motorcycle and the wind has given her bug eyes), and she sticks her little tongue out. I think she finds this amuzing as well as she doesn't seem to mind one bit that we get such a kick out of it. Since she's been born, I've continued to wonder how she fit inside of me. I've resisted the urge to hold her upside down and she if we could figure out what position she sat in. However, the other night she gave us a really good idea of how she did in fact fit. She sat on Ethan's lap completely folded over in two with her head towards her knees and her feet out in front of her (see picture). Ethan is lifting her up a little bit in the picture so you can see her feet underneath her body. And finally, a picture of her fantastic bedhead. Gotta love it.

More Visitors!!

The Rutemillers came for a visit (I nannied for them during my college years and they became like my second family) after church and it was so great to see them. Paul did a great job at holding such a little baby. I'll make sure to put that one on facebook too Paul :) I was excited for Hannah to meet them all.


A Day in the Life of Hannah Gray

What a rough life little Hannah Gray has! It's rough to spend all day snuggling, chillin' in her seat and going for walks in her killer stroller and sleeping with Daddy... As you can see, we're a bit on the tired side to say the least, but it's all worth it and she has been very kind to us with her sleeping and feeding schedule at night.

This last picture just killed me, I had to put it up. She's fast asleep, mouth open and just completely relaxed.

A day with Mimi and a Visit from Friends

Today we went out to the mall to do some shopping and returns with Mimi and then had a couple visitors later in the afternoon. She did really well at the mall. She hardly fussed at all even though she doesn't really like to be in her car seat. I can't blame her considering the fact that she's still so little that the straps seem to be all up in her face.

Jen Mott and her mom came over for a little visit too. Hannah Gray loves to meet her new friends!

First Bath at Home

We gave her her first bath and it went surprisingly well. It wasn't her most favorite thing, but she did love having her hair washed. And lets be honest, who doesn't like having their hair washed by someone else? She was crying and stopped as soon as the water hit her head.

Life at Home

Here are more pictures of Hannah just because I think they're cute.

She loves to snuggle with daddy. And here she is wearing a hat from Aunt Jaime and Uncle Ben. She has a blanket that goes with the hat too that makes her look like a watermelon. It's super cute!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hannah Gray's Photo Shoot

Father's Day

We were able to celebrate Father's Day this year which was super fun. Hannah Gray sported the appropriate attire to let Ethan know how she really feels...

Hannah Gray

Just some more pictures of getting adjusted to home