Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Visit to Turtle Creek Zoo

After Nana’s week here to help us, Papa drove out on Friday to spend the weekend with us before he and Nana drove back home to Ohio on Sunday. So Saturday was a beautiful day and we decided to go to the zoo. It’s a small local zoo with some odd animals (like crows), but with some standard, fun zoo animals too. They had a farm area where you could feed the animals too and Hannah Gray loved it. She even got to ride a little horse. I thought for sure we’d get up to the gate when it was her turn and when she realized that Mommy or Daddy couldn’t go with her that she’d bail. She didn’t hesitate! She took the worker’s hand and did her thing! She was a bit tired, but she definitely enjoyed the day.


Watching the ducks


Waiting for her turn to ride the pony


This was actually a pretty cute little exhibit. It was for prairie dogs, so they had this little mountain built up where you could see all their little holes. Then you walked around to the side and there was a little tunnel underneath the mountain that had small elevated tunnels inside that lead to these little “bubbles”. If you look closely, you can see a prairie dog right up against the bubble and Hannah Gray is checking him out.


The largest pig I have ever seen…


Hannah Gray and Papa


Washing hands after petting and feeding the sheep and goats


Checking out a huge work horse


I just love these chubby little hands


Who doesn’t want to hug and elephant??


Or give him a kiss?                      Playing in a tunnel…


She loved this duck! She’s all about looking for ducks at the park and gets so excited when she realizes where we’re headed.

So a fun day was had by all at the zoo!

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