Saturday, August 21, 2010

too funny

okay, this picture was not enticed or provoked in any way whatsoever.


Hannah Gray was a little grumpy, I had stuff to do and I figured a little of “alone, quiet playtime” was a wise activity. So Hannah Gray was upstairs playing and Ethan came home and went upstairs to say hi. This is how he found her, sans diaper. She had taken off everything, found her sock drawer, put on two socks (one inside out), found her hat in a drawer, grabbed her Bible and had a seat on her step stool for her bed. Ethan called for me from upstairs and I think I completely expected to see poop smeared all over the wall or something like that. Then he said, “it’s not bad, but come up here”. I tried to not bust a gut so we could get a picture before she noticed us.


after she noticed us

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Heather Manifold said...

THAT is hysterical!!!!!!! Toddler...such a quirky bunch :) So glad you got a picture. And is that the bed Ethan & his dad made? I can kinda see it in the pic...and it looks awesome!!!!!!!