Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life in the Pacific Northwest

All over Seattle, they do super fun family things, especially in the summer. The weather reminds me a lot of San Diego in the fall (as that’s also the only time I’ve been to San Diego). Sunny, clear, warm and cool at night. So we’ve been to an outdoor movie, the zoo, took a ferry to a little island for a sunset campfire and s’mores and went to Friday Harbor with my dad when he was in town (that’s the next post). So here are pictures of some of our recent adventures. I will post some pictures from Ethan’s trips when I can get his camera.

At the Seafare air show (Boeing is here in town and there’s a big celebration called Seafare and the Blue Angels come in town and some Boeing planes fly too). We went with our friends here that are on Peak 7’s board and they have a little girl that HG loves to play with. They have been so good to us!

IMG_1221 IMG_1232

At the zoo



playing in this little rowboat type of display. She LOVED this. We saw lots of “pen pens” (aka Penguins” as she teeters back and forth to walk), “roarrr” (lion), giraffes, “hop, hops” (rabbits), “moo” (cow), and what she talks about most… “meow meow care me” with her chin tucked to her chest and pointer finger tapping her chest, which means “the cougar scared me”. We walked around the corner and there was a window in a cave like spot and we didn’t expect to see the huge cat right there. So when we rounded the corner it caught her off guard and she just kept shaking her head saying, “no, no, no”.  We got a pass her and will be an awesome place for us to visit regularly.

And our trip to the beach for s’mores

IMG_1367 IMG_1386 IMG_1395 (she loved the sand and would just lay in it. Remember I said she loves to get dirty?? :) )

IMG_1397 our sweet tenley girl

IMG_1409 (mts in the background)

IMG_1425 i think i like s’mores

IMG_1430 i think i LOVE s’mores!

IMG_1447 IMG_1458 IMG_1453 IMG_1466


pictures from the ferry



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