Saturday, August 21, 2010

much needed update

Just realized how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. Hannah Gray is talking so much more now and using multiple words together now. Conversations will go like this,

HG: “Momma, Dada?” (with inflection to imply a question)

Me: “He’s at work kiddo, he’ll be home later”

HG: “why”

Me: some type of explanation followed by more why’s, etc

HG: “oh. I wanna see. Come” (meaning I want to go see him).

She’s been saying some really funny stuff lately too that I keep trying to make mental note of to post, then I forget! I hate that. She loves playing with Tenley now by getting in her face and talking to her. By which Tenley responds with big smiles, giggles and squeals. I really do think they will be buddies.

She started to ask about Tanner a lot lately too. She was say, “Puppy, doggie?” And I’ll ask her if she’s referring to Tanner and she’ll nod and put her cheek to her shoulder with a downcast/pouty face and say, “moah (more) puppy doggie. I miss my puppy doggie.” So I told her I missed Tanner too and that maybe, hopefully someday soon we can get another puppy named Scout and let’s pray about it that all the details would work out. So she agreed and we prayed about it. Fast forward at least a week and Ethan was back home and we were putting her to bed. She looked at Ethan and said, “amen” which means she wants to pray. So Ethan prayed and leaned in to say goodnight. And she backed up and said, “puppy doggie”. Ethan said, “you already have your puppy kiddo”. She just looked at him with that sad face and said, “puppy doggie amen”. She wanted to pray about Tanner and getting a new puppy. So sweet and sad at the same time.

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