Saturday, August 21, 2010

date night


So last weekend, Ethan planned a surprise date, including getting a baby sitter. He was leaving again on Sunday so he made all the arrangements while he had been in Spokane. The doorbell rang, I opened it and saw the girl that had babysat for us before. He just stood there with this grin.

So we left and Ethan changed plans a little bit as the sandwich shop had closed. His original plans were for us to grab sandwiches at a popular, local place known for to go sandwiches and head to the beach for the sunset. But the deli was closed and it probably was a good thing b/c it has been a really hot day and the beach was super crowded. But that’s because the place was GORGEOUS. Thos are mountains in the background over looking the Sound. So we changed plans and headed to a really awesome part of town called Ballard. It’s somewhat funky, grassroots-ish with tons of hip, local places. We had one of the most amazing meals we’ve had in a really long time and then visited one of Seattle’s famous cupcakes shops. But not without doing some shopping in Ballard first. It was such a fun night with my husband! :)

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Heather Manifold said...

So fun! Good job, Ethan ;)