Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Petros invade Spokane!

Peak 7 originated in Spokane. Ryan and Loran co-founded the ministry that now has the branch in Seattle which is where Ethan is the area director. Ethan has been going on trips to see the ministry in action first hand, and then has been spending time in Spokane with Ryan to see more of the office side of the operation. I posted the story of how I reconnected with Loran via facebook a while ago, but Loran is a friend of mine from my soccer team back in high school. Anyway, I had contacted Loran to see if we might be able to take her up on her offer to visit so we could see them and have some extra time with Ethan. She convinced me to come up for the entire week that Ethan was going to be there too. So all 4 of us arrived in Spokane on Sunday night. We had a lot of fun together hanging out, catching up, learning about Peak 7 (I got to see how Loran handles the sponsorship coordinator position), the kids played (they have two kiddos to0), and then we all had a great time hanging out together once the kids went to bed.

We had a great time with Kerrigans. We had a competitive little game of bocce ball one night after visiting the river where Peak 7 takes kids rafting (see pics) and then got to go out skiing and kayaking Thursday night. We are blessed not only to work with this family but to be friends with them as well!

IMG_1493 Dane and HG hugging

IMG_1500 having a blast chasing Dane

IMG_1520 playing in a canoe that we found

IMG_1523 Addie and Dane playing with their Grandpa

IMG_1537 future prom pic?




IMG_1572 IMG_1573 IMG_1575


IMG_1584 glow in the dark bocce ball

IMG_1594 IMG_1619 IMG_1691 Ryan taking a spillIMG_1629 Ethan taking a turnIMG_1704 me taking a ski


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