Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hi Daddy!

Edmonds, WA : Edmonds fishing pier on Puget Sound, with Olympic Mountains in background, in August, 2004.

This week Ethan is hiking Mt. Olympus with a crew from Peak 7. He’s actually getting ready to wake up soon (they wake at 1 am) to summit (weather permitting). I had been promising to take HG to a slide today after we did our errands and then with rush hour, dinner and Tenley to be fed, we decided to go after dinner. Which was amazing because we got to watch the sun begin to go down behind these mountains (so this is exactly where we were tonight and exactly what it looked like). While we were walking up to the park and beach there, I told Gray that that’s where daddy was. She immediately got a skip in her step and yelled, “Hi-YO DADDY!”. When we left, we told Daddy good-night as well as the ocean and slide (she seems to have an easier time leaving places if I give her a chance to say goodbye to whatever she was enjoying). Anyway, just thought this was a fun picture to share.

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