Monday, August 31, 2009

Visit from Jen

This last weekend, my friend Jen came to visit us. We had some rainy weather from the tropical storm that made its way up the east coast, but that didn't keep us from enjoying NYC. We decided to take the gamble and head on into the city anyway, and it was worth it. It rained at the beginning, then cleared up and was nice and cool the rest of the day. We enjoyed some fantastic NY style coal oven baked pizza, had a surprise (thanks to Ethan) trip to Dylan's candy store (featured on Oprah and is the coolest candy store ever, even if you don't like candy very much) and then to the FAO toy store. Last time we had our picture taken at Times Square, I was almost 7 months preggo with Hannah Gray.

Hannah Gray loved the toy store! She was so into checking out the Muppet Puppets until I touched her with one, then she didn't want anything to do with it. But I do think she loved on just about every cute dog or animal in that store. The toy soldier out front was awesome, but Gray didn't think he was as cool as the three of us did, unfortunately.

Jen and her mom sent us a HUGE treat by shipping Graeter's ice cream to us! WOW, it's always good, but especially when you haven't had it in months (maybe even close to a year now)!! Thank you thank you thank you! :) We had a great time with Jen and Hannah Gray loved having her here. Jen makes super cute balloon animals which she made some while she was here. Hannah Gray got SO attached to them! I meant to get a video of Jen making Hannah Gray's favorite, a butterfly, but we just ran out of time. Next time! :)

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