Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, Hannah Gray had her first obvious first word right before we left for Ohio. We were walking outside and Tanner bolted out the door. Hannah Gray got really excited and yelled, "Doggie!!" as she watched him go into the yard. She said it again and looked at me and said Doggie as she held her hand out towards Tanner. I couldn't believe it. She's been saying more noises like "ma", but this was clear as day, "doggie".

My family had Hannah Gray at a water park in Cincinnati and she pointed to the wave pool she was in with my brother and said, "water". This one I haven't heard her say yet, but Keith said it was clear as day.

Then very quickly, she's now saying, "Hi Doggie" especially once we came home from Cincinnati. She could not get enough of Tanner!! She's started saying "hi Daddy" too. I tried to get a video of her saying it while we were camping (she was in the pack on Ethan's pack and kept saying "hi daddy" and patting Ethan while she said it) but stopped when I pulled the camera out. Go figure :).

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