Friday, August 14, 2009

Marty and Quinn came to visit!!!

Wednesday afternoon, Hannah Gray and I picked up our dear friends Marty and Quinn from the train. They were in northern VA for a conference and were going to stay with us when we lived in Annapolis. So obviously our plans were disrupted with the move. So Marty and Quinn graciously offered to take the train up to us so they could see our new home and we could all go to the beach. We also got to celebrate Marty's birthday with her which was so fun b/c I don't think we've done that since we were in high school! We headed to town after dinner and found a gelato place (I had the best gelato ever and look forward to going back). We had our pictures taken with the girls in their strollers. We tried to get a video b/c they both started crying/screaming at the same time and it sounded like a "beautiful" chorus, but we missed it. Oh well.

So Thursday morning we loaded up on a very cloudy and misty day and headed to the beach. It was so fun! There was hardly anyone around and we were very surprised by how cold it was! I managed to not bring another outfit for Hannah Gray and none of us had warmer clothes!! Oops! But we had a great time anyway. The girls didn't' mind one bit!! They both LOVED the waves as we stood on the beach and let them crash on us. We even got soaked by a couple. The girls were so wet and sandy, that we had to totally strip them down and hose them off in the beach shower. They will be so embarrassed some day that we did that! :) Oh well, what are mom's for?? The girls took their baths together and had a great time. Quinn was so excited that she tinkled in the tub! It was hilarious, but it's sterile, right? :) Hannah Gray didn't seem to notice... I guess I'll put a dollar in the therapy jar for that one later. The girls were fascinated with each other in the animal towels. They thought they were pretty cool.

Friday we hit up our local coffee shop for a treat and walked to the park where we discovered a great playground to let the girls run off some steam, especially for little Quinny who was going to have a long train ride ahead of her. It was such a blessing to have them here and we look forward to seeing them hopefully very soon!! I love those girls!!

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