Monday, August 31, 2009


Last weekend we flew to Ohio to see the Petros in Findlay. We had such a great time with them. We took a day trip to Toledo to go to the zoo, which Hannah Gray loved (who am I kidding, I did too! I LOVE zoos!). She's crazy about all animals and she got to see some really up close and personal, which she was very interested in, but also a little scared at times.

She went nuts over the hippos! I wish I had a video of it, b/c she was jumping up and down in Daddy's arms and kicking her legs and squealing! I would never have guessed she'd be so excited over hippos. We also got to go into a little petting zoo area where goats were just roaming around. Here is a picture of her "loving" on one of the goats.

Hannah Gray loves her balloons, so Daddy blew up a bunch to show Nana and Papa how excited she got over them. Only she got so frustrated that she couldn't hold them ALL at once! She would get one in each hand on her own then ask for help by sticking out her little finger that was available, so someone could put the other balloon underneath that finger too so she could carry two in one hand. She did not want to put them down at lunch, so Ethan fed her while she held all the balloons. She wouldn't even let go of them to push loose noodles into her mouth! Usually, any little remnant of food bothers her until she can push it into her mouth with her hand.

Nana and Papa took her on some wagon rides around the neighborhood and Hannah Gray thought that was pretty cool. We're looking forward to hopefully seeing them again before Thanksgiving!

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