Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hannah Gray has this new, slightly embarrassing obsession. Every time (I mean every time) she sees a balloon, this is the reaction. It's pretty hilarious, but it's hard to quiet her down. This is like a 10 sec clip of what will go on for minutes. She's pretty stinkin' loud when it happens too. This is at our Trader Joe's that's walking distance, so we go a couple times a week and this happens each time! :) Too funny...

oh and ps- the vigorous clapping, that's "more" and "please" all wrapped up into on. She'll do it hard enough that she's actually making a clapping noise! She really means it!!!

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Josh and Heather said...

Wait until she discovers the the little kids shopping carts at Trader Joes! Trader Joe's has become a long trip: First you need the kids cart, then get a balloon to tie on the cart, AND a sticker (or 4 or 5..) at the checkout counter! What a cute video! She's looking SO grown up. I can hardly believe it!