Monday, August 10, 2009


We had a unusually cool night coming on Friday night, so Ethan and I decided Friday morning to take Gray camping! We figured we'd go for one night just in case it didn't go so well. She LOVED being outside. She sat patiently and waited for dinner as she enjoyed watching Daddy set up camp and me cook while Tanner enjoyed it all. She went down well despite the fact that I think she flip flopped through the entire tent multiple times while sleeping. We had the most obnoxious, loud group of drunks near our campsite that started getting loud probably around 11. Then by 12:30 I figured they would eventually get tired or someone would say something or the campground people would come around. Well, by 1:30 it just got louder and louder! I could not believe it. A couple of them wondered onto our site as I got out of our tent extremely angry. I think they continued well past 3 AM, but they didn't not fully wake Hannah Gray which I was so thankful for. But she did wake up around 4 or so and realized, "Mommy and Daddy are in the tent with me" and didn't want to settle herself down. I thought, "maybe if we lay really still she won't notice we're in here". That did not work. She wiggled her way up towards our heads and ended up flip flopping and falling asleep on my face/head and then finally settled on Daddy's sleeping pad (daddy gave up and moved to where she was) with her bottom half in the top of my bag. Silly girl!!

She was a trip. She had such a great time that we figured we will do it again soon and for longer. Hopefully no obnoxious college students will be near by!!

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