Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Hannah Gray went as “Super Hannah Gray!!!” Her super power was giving candy away to make others happy… aka, getting rid of Halloween candy that mommy and daddy don’t want in our house! Smile Tenley was a chicken and if you were lucky, you could get her to “bok bahhk” as she bent her elbows and tucked her hands in towards her sides.

We went to our church for a Harvest Party where they had tons of games, petting zoo, pony rides, and candy.


Tenley’s newest trick, and yep. She’s going for the candy. Girls starts walking and a couple days later is scooting a chair across the kitchen to reach stuff wherever she wants!            


HG wasn’t sure how she was feeling about her costume for a bit. She LOVED it, until I wanted a picture. And then this is one of our most favorite pictures. ever. I think it will be enlarged for our bedroom…



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