Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting ready for fall



The girls LOVE music and Ethan’s keyboard



trying to get the girls set up… but T wasn’t so sure


After pumpkin (or “pumie” for T and “pumick for HG), we headed up to Tahoe to spend the day at Squaw Valley where there was a fall harvest event going on, but it ended in the morning. Oops. So we went back to Kings Beach to let Tuk swim and girls play in the sand.


HG asked to help fold, so I said “go for it!” not expecting her to do it perfectly!!! Looks like I have a new laundry helper!



HG had a recent and very big, growth spurt that made new jeans a necessity. We went out shopping and she was so frustrated that jeans were “TOO BIG”, and wanted to get a belt. Where do you find a belt for a potty trained 3 yr old?! So Ethan took her out for a daddy dinner date and to find a belt. They came home and he made hot chocolate for her. Right before I took the picture on the left, I totally had a flash forward moment where I saw HG at about 8-10 yrs old, sitting in our kitchen ( a different one where you could see snow through windows, hopefully that’s in Truckee), drinking hot chocolate with me as we have finished on the slopes…


so this is my little, “big girl”

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