Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tenley’s first camping trip

Our on list of “to-do’s” before we left WA to to drive through the Cascadian loop and do hopefully get a camping trip in. So the first weekend in August, we took off to do just that. We set up camp next to a river, just outside Ross Lake and then went exploring in the morning and finished off the drive the next day. It was beautiful and we are so glad that we had a chance to do it!

IMG_0016IMG_0018 (2)

The actual farm for Cascadian Farm organic foods.

IMG_0020 (2)

Tenley girl hanging out waiting patiently for the water to boil for dinner

IMG_0024 (2)

Daddy setting up camp and HG supervising


IMG_0025 (2)IMG_0026 (2)

IMAG0016 (2)IMG_0036 (2)

A girl and her dog and a beautiful view of the mountains from the bridge

IMG_0054 (2)

IMG_0051 (2)IMG_0055 (2)IMG_0152 (2)IMG_0160 (2)IMG_0163IMG_0168IMG_0169IMG_0174 (2)

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