Sunday, November 13, 2011

He did it again!

Somehow, Ethan managed to surprise me for my big 30th birthday. He surprised me by having a couple of my girlfriends from Seattle come into town and arranged for the ultimate girl get away. Ethan told me that he had to help a co-worker with his lights so he had to go over to help him out after the girls went to bed. But he came home with my girl friends in tow and sent us out before our girls got up in the morning. He even put together a folder that had a few different restaurant menus and hiking/paddleboarding/kayaking ideas and coupons with a gift card so we didn’t have to worry about a thing! We had several coffees, wonderful meals and enjoyed a night in an amazing hotel that Ethan found for us.




I truly have the best husband. ever. He planned this whole weekend together, took the girls and Tuk for all day Saturday and Sunday and when we returned on Sunday evening, he had dinner ready and didn’t even use a frozen meal I had in the freezer so that I could use it as an easy meal during the week! The girls had a great time with Daddy. I am so thankful for him and girlfriends that would fly in to go away for a weekend with me!

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