Thursday, April 23, 2009

On the move!

She cracks me up, she's ALL over the place. In fact, Ethan told me this story the other day. I think he "forgot" to tell me :). I was running an errand (actually going to pick Jen Mott up from a team dinner up near Baltimore), so Ethan was at home getting dinner going so we could eat when we got home. So he set Hannah Gray up with a slew of toys. Then he heard Tanner's crate in the bathroom rattle. He looked around, saw Tanner and thought, "what in the world?"... So he ran into the bathroom and Hannah Gray was IN Tanner's crate. Now she makes a beline there whenever she has the chance! Here are some action shots of her in motion. The binkie is now left in the crib only, but it's still a great motivator... :) Notice the excitment when she sees it and the determination on her face as she reaches. She's too much. 

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