Thursday, April 23, 2009

a little help here!

So Hannah Gray is grabbing onto just about anything to try and pull herself up, including Tanner. Tanner always manages to be close by when we're playing on the floor. So yesterday, Gray would scoot on over to him, grab the hair/skin on the top of his back and start pulling! I kept grabbing her hand with one hand, trying to pet Tanner with the other and tell him "good boy" for being so passive. Then I'd quickly try to scratch his back where Gray just about pulled his hair out. He never even flinched. I think she had enough hair so close to the skin that it didn't really bother him. Here's a picture though; it's part of the act just b/c I'd end up jumping in to save Tanner before I could get a good shot of her really supporting herself with him.

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