Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AT and an apple

Well, Hannah Gray can now officially say she's hiked part of the Appalachian Trail. We went about an hour away to pick up the trail and we hiked about 6 miles of it. Hannah Gray loves to be out and about and even took her nap in her new backpack (see pictures of her sleeping position-ouch! Clue as to how to "see" her: this is an overhead shot of her leaning way to the side)! But before we headed out, we had another tailgate picnic. Hannah Gray spotted an apple in the cooler and was insistent on getting it out. So I finally handed it to her and she took to it like a squirrel holding it in her tiny paws. It was pretty hilarious. We took two videos that we got a kick out of how she pawed the apple. So I went ahead and posted those too.

Much of this hike was uphill, so steep that there were many hairpin turns and Tanner LOVED it! He led the entire way. And again, he cozied up to Hannah Gray in the backseat and slept the whole way home. He's a good boy...

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