Thursday, April 30, 2009


Last weekend we flew to Chi-town to see the Illinois Petros and meet baby Audrey.Even Annie drove to Chicago to surprise us. We had such a great weekend! The cousins all had such a great time together.  It included a trip to the zoo which was such a fun place. It was a great smaller zoo that had awesome exhibits and was super easy to get around with little ones. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Gray and the polar bears

Here you can see 
that Hannah Gray found some "handles"...

Here are the Petro cousins on the Merry Go Round. Hannah Gray 
was FREAKED out. I think all the animals moving really bothered her. So I put her b/t Grant and Norah and that didn't help either, but it made a cute picture! :)

Our flight leaving Chicago was delayed a little over an hour which put our flight right smack during bedtime. Hannah Gray did great, but she refuses to sleep if she's being held. So Daddy made an emergency run to the bookstore and came back with another Eric Carle, "Brown Bear Brown Bear" which was probably the best spent 7 bucks in a LONG time.

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