Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well, the Friday night before Easter we had somewhat of a scary experience with Gray. I woke up to some muffled crying noises around 3 am and I figured that she was looking for her binky. After she didn't seem to find it, I went in to check on her and realized that she was wheezing and having trouble breathing. It seemed as though she had gotten her first case of the croup. I woke Ethan up and the three of us sat outside in the cool, damp air until about 7 in the morning. Hannah Gray actually went back to sleep in her pack 'n play out in the screened in porch and slept until probably close to 8. The rest of the day she was symptom free and we enjoyed a day of sight seeing with my parents who were in town for Easter. We saw the Navy Academy, walked around historic Annapolis and enjoyed our Easter dinner Saturday night. We planned on going to the sunrise Easter service at the Lincoln Memorial the next day until whatever Hannah Gray had made it's return. I was up checking on her several times and each time, she had a fever. So we didn't make it to church at all, but did enjoy a nice brunch with my parents before they headed back to Cincinnati.  

She did sport her Easter dress. And her new thing as you can see is to raise both arms in the air. In pictures it seems as though it's in response to saying, "how big is Hannah Gray?", but she's doing it entirely on her own. She's a goofy one!

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hawleykj said...

ahhh... croup is not fun. so scary. colin had it the weekend before Easter... just in time for us to head to NC with my family. luckily it cleared up before our trip, but it's so hard to listen to that wheezing. glad hannah's feeling better.