Friday, October 7, 2011

Wow, SO, SO much to catch up!


This picture was taken at Reye’s Point National Seashore in Northern CA. What, CA? What were you doing there?? Well… since I last blogged, we moved to Northern CA for new job for Ethan. Through this we have been both tremendously blessed and challenged as all of us loved, loved Seattle (and still do). Ethan and I made the decision to leave Peak 7 in order to be able to put our family first, which we believe is what God called us to do. It was just too hard on our family to have Ethan gone as much as he was as well as just some unresolvable differences in leadership. During this time, we were praying what to do, and Ethan was actually contacted by Rain Bird, an irrigation manufacturing company that had been in touch with him off and on throughout the last several years. They contacted him about a job that would keep us in Seattle which we were absolutely ecstatic about. After making it through interview #4 of 6, the job transitioned from Seattle to Northern CA. We were heartbroken, but were able to see God’s provision. So Ethan began his new position from Seattle in July and spent the month of July and the first two weeks of August flying between Seattle and CA. He would leave on Sunday evenings and return on Thursdays.

I think that catches us up to where we are now, so I will go back and fill in several events that happened between now and then. 

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