Saturday, October 15, 2011

Raspberry Picking!

You can’t live in WA and not go raspberry picking! This was something that was on our “before we move” bucket list, so we picked a day and made it happen. These are some of the moms that were in my Bible study at our Y. I was so, so blessed to meet these amazing ladies (and those not pictured as well), and that I got to see them on a daily basis through our Y where we played together, supported and encouraged and learned together. Our kids loved each other and it was just such a blessing to have these amazing families in our lives. We are so grateful.



Hannah Gray getting the idea…




Hannah Gray and her buddy Zimri


Some of our buddies with our goods. Both Joy (on left) and Norah (on right) were part of my Bible study and I met them both through the Y. Hannah Gray was in swim lessons with Zimri and to be honest, I am not sure how I met Joy. She is an amazing mom of 5 under the age of 7 (I think). Her youngest three are triplets and she has the patience and endurance of a saint! I think we were just talking and realized that we went to the same church and I invited her to join our Bible study. Joy is a friend that I just wish I had met sooner. I don’t think we really connected until about May and our first time spent together outside of the Y was at HG’s bday party. She and her husband are just the sweetest and have kids that are just genuinely kind, sweet and gracious. Norah and I met in swim lessons and then realized we were both taking some of the same classes. After a great conversation in Pilates, I knew I had an amazing friend. She is such a blast and I enjoyed her sense of adventure and humor so much. She made my days so much brighter!

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